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Discover the Dartmoor story: Brimpts Tin Mines trail ([2018])

Gentlemen and rogues: a history of Brimpts Tin Mine, Dartmeet, Dartmoor (2017)

Greeves, Tom

The Whiddon Tin Mine, Ashburton (1996)

Ronald F. Homer

The Bradford Pool case (1981)

Lynette M. Costello

Wheal Cumpstone tin mine, Holne, Devon: an historical and archaeological survey (1978)

T. A. P. Greeves

A mine in the Deancombe valley (1969)

T. A. P. Greeves

Dartmoor note (1905)

Lega-Weekes, Ethel

The Dartmoor blowing-house (1956)

Hamlyn Parsons

An early tinworks deed (1976)

M. G. Dickinson

Changing perceptions of prehistoric tinning on Dartmoor (1985)

D.G. Price (Archaeologist)

Steeperton Tor tin mine, Dartmoor, Devon (1985)

T. A. P. Greeves

Eylesbarrow, 1814-1852: a study of a Dartmoor tin mine (1974)

R. M. L. Cook

A tinners' mill in Walkhampton parish (1971)

T. A. P. Greeves

A history of South Crofty mine (1997)

J. A. Buckley

The Brimpts Tin Mines, Dartmeet (1996)

Roger Bird

The old men of the moor (1982)

Mary Walmesley

A history of tin mining and smelting in Cornwall (1967)

Denys Bradford Barton

Tin mines and miners of Dartmoor: a photographic record (1986)

Greeves, Tom

Botallack (1972)

Cyril Noall

The stannaries: a study of the medieval tin miners of Cornwall and Devon (1965)

George Randall Lewis