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Discover the Dartmoor story: Brimpts Tin Mines trail ([2018])

Gentlemen and rogues: a history of Brimpts Tin Mine, Dartmeet, Dartmoor (2017)

Greeves, Tom

The Whiddon Tin Mine, Ashburton (1996)

Ronald F. Homer

The Bradford Pool case (1981)

Lynette M. Costello

Wheal Cumpstone tin mine, Holne, Devon: an historical and archaeological survey (1978)

T. A. P. Greeves

A mine in the Deancombe valley (1969)

T. A. P. Greeves

Dartmoor note (1905)

Lega-Weekes, Ethel

The Dartmoor blowing-house (1956)

Hamlyn Parsons

An early tinworks deed (1976)

M. G. Dickinson

Changing perceptions of prehistoric tinning on Dartmoor (1985)

D.G. Price (Archaeologist)

Steeperton Tor tin mine, Dartmoor, Devon (1985)

T. A. P. Greeves

Eylesbarrow, 1814-1852: a study of a Dartmoor tin mine (1974)

R. M. L. Cook

A tinners' mill in Walkhampton parish (1971)

T. A. P. Greeves

A history of South Crofty mine (1997)

J. A. Buckley

The Brimpts Tin Mines, Dartmeet (1996)

Roger Bird

The old men of the moor (1982)

Mary Walmesley

A history of tin mining and smelting in Cornwall (1967)

Denys Bradford Barton

Tin mines and miners of Dartmoor: a photographic record (1986)

Greeves, Tom

Botallack (1972)

Cyril Noall

The stannaries: a study of the medieval tin miners of Cornwall and Devon (1965)

George Randall Lewis

The tinworking landscape of Dartmoor in a European context - prehistory to 20th century: papers presented at a conference in Tavistock, Devon. 6-11 May 2016 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ...

Carclase tin mine, near St.Austell ([1831])

William Le Petit

Images of Cornish tin (2007)

Stoyel, Alan

Geevor tin mine: a disused tin mine leads an economic and cultural revival (2004)

Geevor (1976)

Viv Wilson

Geevor and Levant mine at Pendeen (1976)

Viv Wilson

Tin bagged up (1976)

Viv Wilson

Geevor and Levant mines (1976)

Viv Wilson

Cornwall. Botallack. Monday 16th Sept 1974 (1974)

Viv Wilson

Sheepstor. Remains of Eylesbarrow Tin Mines July 1959 (1959)

D. G. Dines

Wheal Grenville Mine (c.1920)

Giew tin mines near St.Ives ([1935?])

R. W. Toll

Camborne. The 412 fathom level, Dolcoath Mine (c.1895)

J. C. Burrow

whiddon tine mine, Ashburton (1996)

Ronald F. Homer

Tin stamping mills of Dartmoor after AD 1750 (1997)

Greeves, Tom

In search of the tinners at Upper Merrivale Mill (1995)

Greeves, Tom

A tin mine between Camborne and Redruth ([1855?])

Painting a mine with light: a pictorial history of Wheal Jane a Cornish tin mine (2007)

John Peck (Mining historian)

Dartmoor ([1875?])

Images of Cornish tin (2001)

Stoyel, Alan

Report and accounts 1986 (1987)

Report and accounts 1981 (1982)

Report and accounts 1980 (1981)

Report and accounts 1979 (1980)

Botallack (1999)

Cyril Noall

The Cornish scene (1975)

David Tew

Dartmoor's past tin industry (1996)

Geevor (1983)

Cyril Noall

Carnon Consolidated Tin Mines Ltd ([1982])

Dartmoor tin working: its effect upon scenery and land use (1968)

D. G. Broughton