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Beer Quarry Caves. 2.4.87: on ropes, W.O.Dave Munnelly, left and Sgt.Jim Martin, on the ground, joint owner of the caves John Scott (1987)

Bowden, Jeff

Beer Quarry Caves. 2.4.87: W.O.Dave Munnelly, left and Sgt.Jim Martin (1987)

Bowden, Jeff

Church window at Beer Caves. 28.3.86: Gladys Gray looks through the tracery (1986)

Richard Carpenter

Beer Quarry Caves. 25.6.1984: one of the thousands of signatures which had been etched into the walls of Beer Quarry (1984)

Beer Quarry Caves. 25.6.1984: the three entrepreneurs who have opened up the caves to the public - Mrs Gladys Gray, Mr John Scott, centre, and local parish councillor Mr Bill West (1984)