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On the action of steam in Cornish single pumping engines (1841)

Josiah Parkes

William Symington - the father of the marine steam engine (1991)

David B. Clement

The introduction of the Trevithick steam engine to north Staffordshire (1981)

Lead, Peter

Prestongrange 70 inch Cornish engine - a myth exploded (1982)

Brown, Kenneth

New light on the Hornblower and Winwood compound steam engine (1982)

The boilers of Richard Trevithick and Arthur Woolf (1982)

Law, R. J.

The stationary steam engines of the Neath Abbey Iron Company (1983)

Laurence Ince

The incredible Ookiep copper mine: its riches, its railway and its Cornish engines (1984)

Brown, Kenneth

William Smith, Richard Trevithick and Samuel Homfray: their correspondence on steam engines, 1804-1806 (1985)

Eyles, Joan M.

A contemporary note on Tevithick's Camborne road locomotive (1986)

The first Tervithick engine in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1986)

Janetschek, Hellmut O.

William West on the Austen 80" (1989)

Cooke, Maurice H.

The travels of a Cornish engine (1989)

Cooke, Maurice H.

The Haarlemmermeer steam engines (1989)

Muller, F.

The Cornish engine: fact and fiction (1990)

Brown, Kenneth

The survey of the winding and pumping plant at Trethowel Clayworks (1991)

Sharpe, Adam

A new light on Austen's 80 (1991)

Brown, Kenneth

Crofton and the K & A Canal: the application of mid 19th century Cornish technology and the James Sims compound engine (1991)

Stokes, Peter

Halfway round the world and back: the most travelled Cornsh pumping engine? (1994)

Brown, Kenneth

Drawings of the Levant Whim: Part 2 - cylinder valves and condenser (1996)

Courtney Rowe

James Watt in Cornwall (1997)

Hills, Richard L.

Drawings of the Levant Whim: Part 3 - further drawings and a list of changes during restoration (1997)

Courtney Rowe

How accurate was duty? (2004)

Bridget Howard

Drawings of the Levant Whim: Part 1 - original parts (1995)

Courtney Rowe

Ancient steam engine at Topsham (1920)

H. Wilson Holman

The miner's friend: or, an engine to raise water by fire, described (1827)

Savery, Thomas

The Newcomen engine ([1974])

Richard Leslie Hills

Historical statement of the improvements made in the duty performed by the steam engines in Cornwall ... (1839)

Thomas Lean

The Newcomen engine in the West of England (1976)

Kenneth H Rogers

Notes on the model of Newcomen's steam engine (1705), exhibited in the South Kensington Museum 1876 ... queries about Newcomen (1871)

Thomas Lidstone

Cornish land steam, in and around Perran parish (1983)

D. E. Hattam

The Severn tunnel pumping engines (2000)

James Hodge