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Richard Trevithick: giant of steam (2000)

Anthony Burton

Savery and Newcomen and the early history of the steam engines - parts 1 and 2 (1913-)

Jenkins, Rhys

Savery's steam engine workshop, 1702 (1984)

J. S. P. Buckland

Memorial edition of the life of Richard Trevithick (1883)

Richard Trevithick: an illustrated life of Richard Trevithick 1771-1833 ([1995?)

James Hodge

James Watt and the steam engine: the memorial volume...Watt Centenary Commem..Birmingham 1919 - 2nd ed (1981)

Henry Winram Dickinson

Thomas Newcomen: the pre-history of the steam engine (1963)

Lionel Thomas Caswall Rolt