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On the methods generally adopted in Cornwall in dressing tin and copper ores: Transcribed from the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, vol. 17 (1858) pp. 195-220 (2009)

Henderson, James

Tin and diamonds, a fortune in the making: something of the life of Francis Oats, mining engineer 1848-1918 and some thoughts about him (2009)

Claire Leith

Mining in Tavistock registration district, 1830-1871 (1976)

Courtney, Rona

Mendip mining laws and forest bounds (1931)

The Bere Alston silver/lead mines (1978)

Graham Hicks

The re-opening of George and Charlotte Mine (1980)

R. Le Marchant

Mining at Devon Great Consols after 1903 (1980)

Peter Richardson

Evidence of pumping at George and Charlotte Mine (1981)

R. Le Marchant

Drakewalls Mine (1981)

Geoff Rowe

More about Drakewalls (1983)

Frank Booker

The mines of Tamarside 3. South Hooe Mine (1983)

G. A. Rowe

The mines of Tamarside - 4. Devon Great Consuls (1984)

G. A. Rowe

Religion in the mining communities on the Tamar valley (1985)

G. Ruming

New Great Consuls (1985)

G. Rowe

Water power in west country mining (1985)

J. Wellington

Wheal Zion (1986)

J. Brooke

The mines of Tamarside 6 - Gawton mine (1986)

G. Rowe

The story of Devon Great Consols mine 1844-1901 (1988)

Christopher Taylor

A Devon miner down-under (1989)

B. Jury

The man engine and Devon Consols mine (1989)

R. Le Marchant

Cornish mining: past, present and future (1990)

J. H. Brock

The East Crebor mine tragedy (1990)

G. Woodcock

Weir Quay and Holes Hole (1991)

Robin Gallup

Percival Norton Johnson: a summary of the book of that name by Donald McDonald published in 1951 (1993)

Robin Gallup

Mary Tavy - the social impact of mining (1994)

Gerry Sargent

The strikes at Devon Great Consuls Mine (1994)

Gerry Woodcock

The Phoenicians started it (1996)

Robin Gallup

Drakewalls mine: a historical overview with extracts from and archaeological assesssment (1999)

Colin Buck

History of Tinnel Mine: a preliminary survey (2001)

Janet Cambridge

Devon Great Consols mine (2003)

Colin Buck

The Bedford mines (2004)

Colin Buck

The Okel Tor works (2005)

Colin Buck

Wheal Russell mine (2006)

Colin Buck

Annual report for 2006 ([2007])

Footprints of former miners in the far west (1992)

Sharpe, Adam

The Bampfylde Mine (1969)

Rottenbury, John

The mines of Combmartin (1973)

Rottenbury, John

Tin streaming at Tuckingmill (1973)

Stephens, Paul

The story of Wheal Guskus in the parish of Saint Hilary (1973)

Wheal Buller (1976)

Brooke, Justin

A glimpse of the Cornish mineral industry in 1873 (1976)

Law, R. J.

The Cornish Metal Company, 1785-1792 (1977)

Pennington, Robert R.

Humphry Davy and the Cornish contribution to the industrial revolution (1978)

Rowe, J.

Ore dressing in Cornwall 1600-1900 (1978)

Michell, F. B.

Angarack smelting house - its history (1980)

J. Higgans

The introduction of the plunger or force pump (1980)

Michell, F. B.

The Cornish gauge and J and F Pools (1981)

Hodge, J.

Man engines in Cornwall (1981)

The mineral statistics of the United Kingdom: an analysis of the accuracy of the copper and tin returns for Cornwall and Devon (1981)

Burt, Roger

The Tregurtha Downs mines, Marazion, 1700-1965 (1981)