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Industrial archaeology of the Plym Valley (2013)

Ernie Hoblyn

Cornish engines (1993)

Peter Laws

Devon’s non metal mines: discovering Devon’s slate, culm, whetstone, Beer, stone, ball clay and lignite mines (2011)

R. A. Edwards

Wheal Betsy. 6.2.1970 (1970)

Wheal Betsy. 6.2.1970 (1970)

Wheal Trenwith (2009)

Notes on North Devon metal mines (1991)

B. D. Cubbon

A dangerous place to work!: women and children of the Devon & Cornwall Mining Industries (2008)

Lynne Mayers

A survey of the Gawton Mine and arsnic works (1992)

Andrew Pye

The gold mines of Devonshire (1888)

Jones, Winslow

Calstock and Bere Alston silver-lead mines in the first quarter of the 14th century (1990)

Mayer, Peter

Combmartin's dark depths: a pictorial study of the silver mines (2006)

The South Wheal Francis and West Wheal Bassett boundary litigation (1980)

Pennington, N. N.

Cornish mine disasters (2006)

Cyril Noall

The arsenic works at Devon Great Consols Mine, Tavistock (1989)

Andrew Pye

An eighteenth century lead-and-silver mine near Newton St Cyres (1988)

John Pamment

Mining in Ilsington (2001)

Bill Ransom

Cornwall. Old engine houses, Botallack (1974)

Viv Wilson

Cornwall. Old engine houses, Botallack (1974)

Viv Wilson

Cornwall. North of the mine, between Crowns Rock and Botallack Head (1974)

Viv Wilson

Cornwall. Botallack. Old engine houses (1974)

Viv Wilson

Gunnislake. Ruined buildings. July 72 (1972)

Viv Wilson

Gunnislake. Gunnislake-Kit Hill industrial archaeology. July 72 (1972)

Viv Wilson

Gunnislake. Land of gaunt chimneys, ruined mine buildings and mineral dumps. July 72 (1972)

Viv Wilson

East Trewavas Head, 700m SE Rinsey Cove. Ruined engine houses of Trewavas cu mine. Pumping engine (1976)

Viv Wilson

Path back to coach passing ruined engine house of Trewavas Copper Mine. Distant view of Tremearne Cliff (1976)

Viv Wilson

Dobwalls 1974 (1974)

Frank Booker

Old stack and engine house near Kit Hill (1974)

Old ..

Remains of engine House, Old Gunnislake Mine after demolition, Nov.1971 (1971)

Engine House, Old Gunnislake Mine, summer 1970 (demolished Nov.1971) (1970)

Calstock Consols Mine Nov.1971 (1971)

Trevega Bal/Brea Consols (2007)

Wheal Bassettl 20th Jan. 1970 (1970)

D. Curry

Wheal Bassettl 20th Jan. 1970 (1970)

D. Curry

Rotative beam winding engine, E.Pool 20th Jan. 1970 (1970)

D. Curry

Mines of Devon (2005)

A. K. Hamilton Jenkin

View of the entrance to the iron mines on the Island of Elba / drawn by I.Smith from a sketch by Sir R.C.Hoare Bart (1815?)

Letitia Byrne

Report and accounts (1979-)

The forgotten men and their valley (1971)

Margaret Mitford Baker

The arsenic works at Devon Great Consols mine, Tavistock (1989)

Andrew Pye

Dartmoor mining (1903)

Falcon, T. A.

The Bottle Hill Mine leat (1976)

R. G. Haynes

Restoring the shine: the on-going restoration of the Kelly Mine (2000)

Marilyn Hunter

Wheal Lopes leat (1997)

John Miller (Cornish artist)

The shining stuff in the ground: Kelly Mine and others (1996)

Douglas Westaway

Any old iron (1970)

R. S. Nunny

Notes on the mines of Devonshire (1952)

J. V. Ramsden

Dartmoor mining leats 1786-1836 (1975)

M. G. Dickinson

One hundred years at Black Tor Falls: Part 2 (1991)

Phil Newman

One hundred years at Black Tor Falls: Part 1 (1990)

Phil Newman