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Sir William Knighton. the strange career of a Regency physician

Charlotte Frost

John Charles Bucknill:: moral therapist, doctor, scientist, or christian humanist? (1998)

Jeanette R. Lee

Dr.William Turton: Teignmouth's physician and conchologist (2003)

Christine Lavers

Baker, Battie and Huxham: three eighteenth century physicians from the South Hams (1980)

Neville C. Oswald

William Musgrave, M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S (1923)

H. Wilson Holman

Doctor Ellis Veryard of Colyton (1919)

A. J. P. Skinner

To the author of the London magazine ([1754?)

Doctor doctor (1985)

Peter Flanders

The diary of a Westcountry physician, A.D.1684 - 1726 (1935)

Joseph Hambley Rowe (1938)

Wilfred Robertshaw

De arthdritide anomala, sive interna, dissertatio. (1707)

William Musgrave

De arthdritide symptomatica dissertatio. (1703)

William Musgrave

Viscum album, the common mistletoe: its natural history... (1899)

Black, George

The jewel and its casket, an address (1903)

Black, George

Medica sacra; or, short expositions of the more important diseases ... (1834)

Thomas Shapter

Evolution and illness (1962)

R. M. J. Harper

John Huxham (1969)

R. M. S. McConaghey

The way of understanding ([1909])

Black, George

Vivisection: its claims and methods ([1905?)

Black, George

Medical research (1909)

Black, George