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Household medicine in seventeenth-century England (2016)

Anne Stobart (Doctor)

after the hundred year rule. guidance for archivists and records managers on access to medical records under the Freedom of Information Act (2004)

Gale, C., C. Redfern

Loving Laughing and Living (1986)

Barney Camfield

Hardy the physician: medical aspects of the Wessex tradition (2008)

Tony Fincham

Selling the Bath waters: medical propaganda at an eighteenth-century spa (1991)

Trevor Fawcett

Seplasium. The compleat English physician .. (1693)

William Salmon

The GRO and the Provinces in the Nineteenth century (1991)

Fred Lewes

Presidential address (1965)

Norman Capener

Barnstaple registers (chiefly medical ) (1899)

Joseph Harper

A 1690 pharmacopeia (1986)

R. R. Sellman

A cyclopaedia of domestic medicine and surgery, being an alphabetical account of the various diseases ... (1853)

Thomas Andrew

Anaesthetics antient and modern (1907)

The eye opener (n.d.)

W. H. Box

Report of the committee appointed to inquire into the circumstances ... contaminated infusion fluids ... Devonport (1972)

Medical records of Dartmouth, 1425-1887. A contribution to the history of medical practice (1960)

R. M. S. McConaghey

Review of medical care in the South Hams over the centuries (1982)

Neville C. Oswald

Patients, power and the poor in eighteenth century Bristol (1991)

Mary Fissell

A pox on the provinces (1990)

Healing, harmony and health (1985)

Barney Camfield

Medical art and history in Exeter: an exhibition of books documents and pictures. Royal Albert Mem.Museum: 1st-30th Apr.55 (1955)