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Dr. William Budd: Bristol's most famous physician (2006)

Michael Dunnill

Devon medical worthies (1927)

R. B. M-

Devon medical worthies (1927)

R. B. M-

John Huxham's medical diary, 1728-1752 (1975)

Norman J. G. Pounds

Sir Henry Wentworth Acland, president of the first Totnes meeting (1920)

Hester Forbes Julian

Devon medical worthies (1927)

R. B. M-

Devon medical worthies (1926)

R. B. M-

Devon medical worthies (1926)

R. B. M-

Devon medical worthies (1925)

R. B. M-

A lady doctor in the 17th century (1925)

Chope, R. Pearse

Devon medical worthies (1925)

R. B. M-

Devon medical worthies (1924)

R. B. M-

Obituary notices: Walter Soper Gervis (1892)

W. Harpley

Some early medical men in Exeter (1949)

Easterling, R. C.

Devon apothecaries' and barber surgeons' tokens and their issue (1986)

T. D. Whittet

A Jacobean physician (1978)

John Roberts

The Budds of North Tawton: a medical family of the 19th century (1985)

Neville C. Oswald

Stones unturned: memorials of medical significance in Exeter Cathedral (2000)

Christopher Gardner-Thorpe

Vicarage Lawn Surgery: practice brochure ([1999])

Vicarage Lawn Surgery: practice brochure ([1999])

Thomas Glass MD: physician of Georgian Exeter (1996)

Alick Cameron

Brannam medical centre: information for patients ([1996])

Directory of family doctors, dentists, pharmacists and opticians in north & east Devon, March 1995 (1995)

Private consultation with Dr Vernon Coleman: stress & relaxation (1993)

Coleman, Vernon

Buccaneering doctors (1992)

G. M. Longfield-Jones

Directory of general medical practitioners in Devon: incorporating the medical list (1991)

From youth onwards: recollections and escapades of a doctor (1911)

Ley, W.

Dr.Richard Harper of Barnstaple: a short account of his life and work, based on his journals (1983)

Margery Harper

Oh dear, Doctor! (1981)

Clifford, Robert

Notes on the history of nursing in Devon (2003)

George L. Cantrell

A guide to our services ([2010?])

Memoirs of Angus Henry Luscombe ([2000?])

Angus Henry Luscombe

Benjamin Jesty: Dorset's vaccination pioneer (2009)

Patrick J. Pead

Richardus Morton M.D. Colleg.Med.Lond.Soc. ([1689])

Robert White

William Harvey, M.D. (c.1790)

T. Cook

A country general practioner at work in Somerset, 1686-1706: John Westover of Wedmore (1990)

William G. Hill

[Jonathan Couch] (c.1860)

[Jonathan Couch] (c.1860)

Mr.John Patch, surgeon of Exeter (1789)

Ezekiel, E. A.

John Armstrong, M.D. (c.1790)

John Armstrong, M.D. (c.1790)

T. Cook

Dr. Joshua Parsons (1814-1892), of Beckington, Somerset, general practitioner (1997)

Spence Galbraith

Mr. Newcomen's friend: Dr. John Allen (1660-1741) of Bridgewater (1999)

A. P. Woolrich

Thomas Sydenham (c.1740)

Dr. James: from an original bust by Scheemaker (1778)

W. Walker

J.Blackall M.D.: Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, & physician to the Devon & Exeter Hospital (c.1810)

Samuel Cousins

[William Withey Gull] (c.1880)

Alexander Monro, M.D. F.R.S. (1786)

T. Cook

Dr. Mudge (1798)

Some contributions to medicine by doctors from Devon and their antipodean floral monuments (2002)

John Pearn