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The lockdown fox (2020)

Phil Keen

Fever: a story from a Devon churchyard (2005)

Liz Shakespeare

James Golsworthy and the Exeter city water supply during the 1832 cholera epidemic (1998)

Alan John Killingback

Observations upon the distribution and spread of the English sweating sickness (sudor anglicus) in Devon in 1551 (1980)

John A. H. Wylie

The changing face of the English sweating sickness in the epidemic of August 1551, in Devonshire.. (1984)

John A. H. Wylie

Epidemics in Devon (1977)

Neville C. Oswald

Epidemics and diseases in Devon (2001)

Barbara Bolt

The Effects of Plague in Barnstaple in the middle of the 17th century (1999)

Margaret Smith

Death on the Camel (1992)

Ronnie Hoyle