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Map and guide (2001)

Bideford Zoo ([1968?])

Annual report and accounts. 5th: to 31st October, 1961 (1961)

Annual report and accounts. 3rd: to 31st October, 1959 (1959)

Exmouth Zoo. 6.8.1980 (1980)

[Zoological gardens] (c.1900)

F.R. Rowley

We Bought a Zoo (2008)

Benjamin Mee

Paignton Zoo: a guide to the zoological and botanical gardens (c1987)

Paignton Zoo (1963)

Viv Wilson

We Bought a Zoo (2009)

Benjamin Mee

A history of the Paignton Zoo Railway: the story of the railway running in the grounds of the zoo, from opening in the Second World War to the present day (2008)

Peter Scott (Railway enthusiast)

Jersey Zoo: international breeding centre for some of the world's most endangered species (1995?)

Annual report and accounts (1975-)

Taking stock: Paignton Zoo newsletter (1985)

Paignton Zoo 75th anniversary (1998)

The Paignton Zoo identikit for young naturalists

Jan Hatley

Annual report and accounts 12th - [15th] 1969 - [1973] (1969-)

Official guide. (1953)

Official guide to the Primley Zoological gardens, Paignton, S. Devon (1930)

Fred E. Bowen

Portrait of a zoo: Bristol Zoological Gardens 1835-1985 (1985)

Robert Warin

Annual report and accounts: 1982-83, 1984-85 (c.1985)

Annual report and accounts, 1982-83 (1984)

Annual report and accounts, 1981-1982 (1983)

Official guide. ([1978])

Educational pack ([1994?)

Annual report and accounts 1989-90 ([1991?)

Souvenir guide ([1967])

Zoo design 2: proceedings of the second International Symposium ... on zoo design ... held at Paignton Zoo... (1977)

The facts about a zoo: featuring the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust (1980)

Jeremy Mallinson (Conservationist)

Official guide. (1954)

Marmosets in captivity (1989)

Mike Moore

Zoos, bird gardens and animal collections in Great Britain and Eire (1969)

K. Bergamer

Annual report and accounts. (1959-)