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Important birds of Poole Harbour and their status (1998/99 - 2004/05) (2008)

Bryan P. Pickess

The numbers and distribution of Black-necked Grebes and other waterfowl at Studland, Dorset: report of a study undertaken during the winter of 2005/06 (2006)

Durwyn Liley

Important birds of Poole Harbour: reports of species surveyed during 2004. Part 1: water rail; Part 2: redshank (2004)

Dave Chown

Important birds of Poole Harbour (2002)

Bryan P. Pickess

The leas and estuaries of Devon and their birds (1904)

E. A. S. Elliot

Watching sea birds (1975)

Richard Perry

Lundy Island and its sea-birds (19th century)

A.J.R Roberts

Some notes on wild nature in Scillonia, particularly of sea birds and seals (1924)

C. J. King

Distribution of waders and shellduck on the Severn estuary with reference to sediment mobility: report to Severn Tidal Power Gp (1991)

Susan Warbrick

Coastal birds of East Dorset (1990)

Simon Aspinall

Poole bridge replacement environmental impact assessment: ornithological assessment (1992)

R. M. Ward

Distribution studies of waders and shelduck in the Severn estuary: parts 1 and 2 (1990)

Nigel Anthony Clark