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The life-story of the common eel (1946)

Holcombe, A. R.

[ Marine biology with special reference to sea fish] (1916)

E. J. Allen

Devonshire fish names (1935)

Chope, R. Pearse

A strange fish (1988)

Jeremy Black

Channel fish: a book of fish cookery from the Channel Islands (2001)

Marguerite Paul

Fauna of Devon: fishes (1875)

Edward Parfitt (Naturalist)

A treatise on the common sole (solea vulgaris) (1890)

J. T. Cunningham

Salmon and migratory trout of the river Teign ; a lecture delivered before the Torquay Natural History Society (1889)

John Webster

The sea fish (conservation) (Channel Islands) (amendment) order 1989 Copy in WSL: Statutory Instruments 1989 ; no. 2411 (1989)

The Bristol Avon: fish, freshwater life and fishing (1987)

D. E. Tucker