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Roaring Dorset: encounters with big cats (2008, )

Merrily Harpur

The black dog in Devon (1959)

Theo Brown

Mystery cats in Devon and Cornwall (2001)

Chris Moiser

Beast (2012)

Nathanson Gill

The beast of Bodmin Moor (1996)

Michael Williams

The smaller mystery carnivores of the Westcountry (1996)

Jonathan Downes

The beast of Exmoor: and other mystery predators of Britain (1993)

Di Francis

The beast strikes again ([1993])

They stalk by night: the big cats of Exmoor and the South-West (1989)

Nigel Brierly

Mystery cats of the world: from blue tigers to Exmoor beasts (1989)

Karl P. N. Shuker