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Devon livestock breeds: a geographical perspective (2006)

Richard Yarwood

The changing fauna of Devon (1966)

H. G. Hurrell

Evenings at the microscope: or, researches among the minute organs and forms of animal life

Philip Henry] [Gosse

An account of some of the endoparasitic helminths from the animals of Lundy, with special reference to trematodes (1961)

Barbara H. Morris

Mystery animals of Britain and Ireland (1986)

Graham J. McEwan

Pilot scheme: 5. birds, bats and butterflies (1976)

The chemical controls of migration accuracy (1971)

Herbert L. Weaver

Development of the forms of animal life: address delivered at the Plymouth meeting ... Assoc. for the Adv.of Science 15 (1877)

Allen Thomson

Zoological Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Colin N.French and Stella M.Turk

Devon's animals of the wild (1975)

Trevor Beer

Wildlife: Tame but free (1968)

H. G. Hurrell