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Viper bite (1992)

G. J. Palmer (Naturalist)

The Amphibians and Reptiles of Devonshire: a review (1584-1957) and (1957)

Peter W. Hopkins

Devon livestock breeds: a geographical perspective (2006)

Richard Yarwood

The changing fauna of Devon (1966)

H. G. Hurrell

Evenings at the microscope: or, researches among the minute organs and forms of animal life

Philip Henry] [Gosse

An account of some of the endoparasitic helminths from the animals of Lundy, with special reference to trematodes (1961)

Barbara H. Morris

Mystery animals of Britain and Ireland (1986)

Graham J. McEwan

Pilot scheme: 5. birds, bats and butterflies (1976)

The chemical controls of migration accuracy (1971)

Herbert L. Weaver

Development of the forms of animal life: address delivered at the Plymouth meeting ... Assoc. for the Adv.of Science 15 (1877)

Allen Thomson

Zoological Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Colin N.French and Stella M.Turk

Devon's animals of the wild (1975)

Trevor Beer

Wildlife: Tame but free (1968)

H. G. Hurrell

A catalogue of the natural history of Devon: annelida or worms and leeches (1867)

Edward Parfitt (Naturalist)

Annelids of Devon (1867)

Edward Parfitt (Naturalist)

Fauna of Devon: Hymenoptera - aculeata (1880)

Edward Parfitt (Naturalist)

Ants and myrmecophiles on Lundy (1913)

Horace Donisthorpe

Tamar avocets (1988)

Peter Reay

My patch: badgers of a Dorset village (2007)

Geoff Marsh

Badger digging (1995)

G. J. Palmer (Naturalist)

Wild life (1988)

Shan Palmes

Brocky, the Bathwick badger (1983)

Dodie Smith

Badgers' year (1954)

F. Howard Lancum

Bovine tuberculosis in badgers (1989)

Feedback (1990-)

Beautiful birds of the night (1989)

Shan Palmes

Exmoor's bats (2003)

Alison Cox

Bat banding in Devonshire (1951)

J. H. D. Hooper

The distribution of bats in Devonshire (1935)

L. M. Blackmore

Bat chat (1988)

Shan Palmes

The bats of Buckfastleigh caves

W. M. Hooper

British bats: an introduction (1991)

Bats in Devon (1983)

John Hooper

Roaring Dorset: encounters with big cats (2008, )

Merrily Harpur

The black dog in Devon (1959)

Theo Brown

Mystery cats in Devon and Cornwall (2001)

Chris Moiser

Beast (2012)

Nathanson Gill

The beast of Bodmin Moor (1996)

Michael Williams

The smaller mystery carnivores of the Westcountry (1996)

Jonathan Downes

The beast of Exmoor: and other mystery predators of Britain (1993)

Di Francis

The beast strikes again ([1993])

They stalk by night: the big cats of Exmoor and the South-West (1989)

Nigel Brierly

Mystery cats of the world: from blue tigers to Exmoor beasts (1989)

Karl P. N. Shuker

Ecology and conservation of the Lesser Silver Water Beetle Hydrochara Caraboides on the levels (2005)

Boyce, David

The weevils (insecta: Coleoptra, Curculionoidea) of the Dorset coast and their conservation (2005)

M. G. Morris (Entomologist)

Coleoptera in Lundy Island (1913)

Robert S. Mitford

A catalogue of the fauna of Devon: coleoptera

Edward Parfitt (Naturalist)

A contribution to the history of the aquatic coleoptera of North and South Devonshire (1943)

R. R. U. Kaufmann

Beetles of Somerset: their status and distribution (1993)

Andrew Duff

The life of the robin: a full account of Britain's most popular bird written primarily for the layman and illustrated with line drawings and photographs (1943)

David Lack