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Cedar tree near Dawlish U.D.C. offices. 12.8.60 (1960)

Tree tales: a celebration of Exeter's trees (2016)

Planting a tree at Pine Park House, Honiton. 25.1.94 (1994)

Some of the children and parish councillors planting 40 oak trees at Brampford Speke to commemmorate the Queen's 40th anniversary of her accession to the throne. 5.12.92 (1992)

John Ffoulkes

Soils in Devon IX: sheet SX68/78 (Moretonhampstead and Chagford) (2017)

T. R. Harrod

Tamar: journal of the Friends of the Tamar Valley. Number 42 : 2020 (2020)

The chairman of Aylesbeare Parish Council, Stan Turl, plants an oak tree to celebrate the Queen's silver jubilee. 9.3.78 (1978)

The international wine and food society's guide to herbs, spices and flavourings (1970)

Tom Stobart

Tree tales: a celebration of Exeter's trees ([2016])

Jos Smith

A new flora of Devon (2016)

Roger Smith

Exeter parish councillors Derek Scagell, Kathleen Pepperell and Ken Beer planting a replacement commemorative tree in memory of the work of the Exminster Emergency Hospital in World War 2. 6.12.90 (1990)

Trees at Langaton Lane, Pinhoe. 7.8.75 (1975)

Wild flowers of Dartmoor (2013)

Trevor Beer

The West Country is a garden: a wayfarer's companion (1993)

Catherine Hamilton

A little history of the Culmstock Cottage Garden and Floral Society 1891-2009 (2009)

Devon's wild flowers (1974)

Trevor Beer

Keble Martin's Chapel (2009)

Luke Darlington

the concise British flora in colour (1978)

W. Keble Martin

Old Duchy Palace, Lostwithiel, Cornwall: dendrochronological analysis of oak timbers (2010)

Twig of Lucombe Oak (in Killerton Park) (1913)

Hare, Mary

A link to our past: veteran trees (2009)

Julia Wherrell

The great trees of Dorset (2009)

Andrew Pollard (Arboriculturalist)

Peat drying - Hameldown c. 1903 (c.1903)

Keble Martin's Chapel (2009)

Luke Darlington

The oaks of Chevithorne Barton (2009)

Michael Heathcoat-Amory

The wild flowers of the Isle of Purbeck, Brownsea and Sandbanks: where to find them with identification of similar species (2008)

Edward A. Pratt

Lundy lichens (2007)

Ann Allen

Wild flowers walks in Dorset (2006)

Peter Cramb

Wildflowers of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (2008)

Chapman, David

A.P. De Candolle (c.1830)

Trees and the Tamar valley (1978)

D. G. Hull

European White elm (Ulmus laevis Pall) in the Tamar valley (1997)

Esmond Harris

Botanical diversity in clearings created around Little Sea, Studland peninsula, Dorset, monitored between 1996 and 2005 (2007)

J. H. S. Cox

Exotic plants in the Channel Islands (2007)

Janine Le Pivert

Wild orchids on Exmoor (2006)

Giddens, Caroline

Some effects of habitat change on the Dorset flora (1990)

Anne Horsfall

The Payhembury yew (2007)

Robin Stanes

Hitherto unnoticed tree remains from the submerged forests at Bournemouth and Charmouth (2001)

J. B. Delair

Observations concerning the ecology of Nail Fungus Poronia punctate, recently rediscovered in Dorset (2000)

J. H. S. Cox

A comparison of the verge flora of a section of the Arne Road, Wareham, Dorset (2006)

Bryan P. Pickess

Nail fungus poronia punctata in Dorset, 1999 to 2005: population changes and ecological observations (2006)

J. H. S. Cox

[Daisy and Rosehips] ([1880?])

Heath 1881 (1881)

Bellinzona May 29th ([1880?])

Somerset ferns (1980)

Olive Hallam

The form of the peat: blue clay boundary on the Somerset levels (1980)

Paul J. Curran

Losses and threatened losses from the Somerset flora (1987)

R. G. B. Roe

[Figures beneath trees] ([1830?])

John Gendall

The flora of walls in the Chew Valley 'mud plains' in North Somerset in 1989 (1990)

R. M. Payne (Naturalist)

An investigation into the effects of agricultural management practices on the soil of the Somerset peat moors (1994)

Morwenna Bolas