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Fossils from the lower lias of the Dorset Coast (2010)

A problematic fossil from the Cherty Freshwater Member, Purbeck limestone group, Swanage (2007)

Paul Ensom

Golden spiked! - the UK's first global stratotype section and point for a jurassic stage boundary in Somerset (2001)

Page, K. N.

A review of the ammonite faunas and standard zonation of the hettangian and lower sinemurian succession (lower jurassic) of the east Devon coast (south west England) (2002)

Page, K. N.

Devonian (Igivetian) goniatites from Wolborough, Barton and Lummaton, South Devon (2002)

Michael R. House

Devonian (frasnian) goniatites from Waterside Cove and Staverton Woods, South Devon (2002)

Michael R. House

The St Erth formation: geometry of the deposit and micropalaeontology (2005)

Messenger, R. W.

New fossil insect records from the Purbeck of Dorset and the Wealden of the Weald (1997)

E. A. Jarzembowski

Albanerpetontid amphibians from the lower cretaceous of the Isle of Purbeck (1997)

G. J. McGowan

The graphoceratid ammonite succession in the aalenian and lowest bajocian (middle jurassic) at Horn Park, Dorset, UK (1997)

Robert B. Chandler

Reptile eggshell from the Purbeck limestone group of Dorset, southern England (1997)

Paul Ensom

Insect bearing horizons in the type Purbeck and new Purbeck/Wealden flies (Diptera) (1998)

R. Coram

A new Dorset record of the zigzag zone (lower bathonian stage; middle jurassic) (1998)

John Huxtable

Ammonites from the oxford clay near Budmouth School and Tidmoor Point, Weymouth, and their bearing on the callovian/oxfordian boundary (1998)

N. Chapman

New ammonites from the zigzag bed of Dorset (1998)

Volker Dietze

Fossil heteropteran bugs from the Purbeck limestone group of Dorset (1999)

Yuri Alexandrovitch Popov

A new plesiosaurid specimen from the sinemurian, lower jurassic, of southern England (2001)

Philip J. Hopley

A temporary exposure of Oxford Clay at Chafey's Lake, Weymouth, dorset (2002)

Nigel G. Chapman

Carinopis batei: a new bivalve mollusc from the middle lias (lower jurassic) of the Dorset Coast, England (2004)

Charles Philip Palmer (Geologist)

A review of the stratigraphy and palaeontology of the middle and upper inferior oolite (Bajocian Stage, middle jurassic) of Osborne Wood near Sherborne, north Dorset (2004)

John G. Huxtable

Taphonomic distortion of cervical vertebrae of a specimen of Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus (Reptilia; Plesiosauria) from the lower lias of Charmouth (2004)

Richard Forrest

Notes on a specimen of the plesiosaur Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus (Reptilia; Plesiosauria) from the lower lias of Charmouth (2004)

Richard Forrest

Taxonomy and palaeoecology of the Portlandian (upper jurassic) pleurotomariid gastropod Bathrotomaria rugata (Benett, 1831) from southern England (1993)

Jon D. Radley

Dinosaur footprints in the Purbeck limestone group (?upper jurassic - lower cretaceous) of southern England (1995)

Paul Ensom

A juvenile specimen of ?plesiosaurus sp. from the Lias (lower jurassic pliensbachian) near Charmouth, Dorset, England. (1995)

G. W. Storrs

The inferior oolite a East Hill Quarry, Bradford Abbas, Dorset (1996)

Robert B. Chandler

Fossil beetles (Insecta: Coleoptra) from the Purbeck Limestone group of Dorset: a prelimary report (2000)

A. G. Ponomarenko

Ammonite assemblages of the Upper Oxford Clay (Mariae Zone) near Weymouth, Dorset (2000)

Nigel D. Chapman

Pollen and organic-walled microfossils from interglacial deposits at Kenn, Avon (1981)

C. O. Hunt

A new sea dragon: from discovery to display (2003)

Dennis Parsons

Joseph Clark III's reminiscences about the Somerset fossil reptile collector Thomas Hawkins (1810-1889): very near the borderline between eccentricity and criminal insanity (2003)

Michael A. Taylor

Discovering the fossils and geology around Lyme Regis ([2005])

Portlandian. Fossil garden, Easton Road (1976)

Viv Wilson

Portlandian. Fossil garden, Easton Road (1976)

Viv Wilson

Portlandian. Fossil garden, Easton Road (1976)

Viv Wilson

Portland. Fossil garden (1973)

Viv Wilson

Portland. Fossil garden. Giant ammonites (1973)

Viv Wilson

Portland. Fossil garden. Giant ammonites (1973)

Viv Wilson

Portland. The fossil garden, main Easton Road Vickers Shipbuilding (1973)

Viv Wilson

Some additions to the palaeontology of South-East Devon (1921)

W. G. Shannon

A Sherborne bone of contention (1997)

J. H. P. Gibb

A review of the stratigraphy of the site of special scientific interest at Milborne Wick, Somerset (bajocian stage; middle jurassic) (1997)

John Huxtable

Devon's fossils, pebbles and shells (1975)

Trevor Beer

A brickfield yielding elephant remains at Barnstaple (1975)

Muriel A. Arber

The Bexhill supplement (1905)

An account of the extraordinary discovery of fossil and animal remains at Oreston, near Plymouth, January 1859 ([1859])

Henry Joseph

Observations relative to the mineralogical and chemical history of the fossils of Cornwall (1787)

Martin Henry Klaproth

List of type-fossils in the Philpot collection, Oxford (1978)

H. P. Powell

The fossil collection of the Misses Philpot of Lyme Regis (1978)

J. M. Edmonds

Lyme Bay fossils: beach guide ([1981])

Nigel J. Clarke