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The carboniferous limestone series of the area between Clifton and Clevedon (1918)

S. H. Reynolds

On the Murchisonite beds of the estuary of the Exe (1875)

G. Wareing Ormerod

Carboniferous, Devonian and Old Red-sandstone (1888)

G. H. Morton (Geologist)

The petrography of the sands of the Upper Lias and Lower Inferior oolite in the West of England

P. G. H. Boswell

The Portland beds of the Dorset mainland (1935)

William Joscelyn Arkell

On the upper carboniferous rocks of West Devon and North Cornwall (1906)

Edward Alexander Newell Arber

Notes on the Keuper and Rhaetic exposed in a road cutting at Uphill, Somerset (1934)

G. A. Kellaway

Beer stone: its origin and history (c.1906)

Arthur W. Clayden