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Tests of granitic temperatures (1908)

Arthur Roope Hunt

The heart of the Moor: Dartmoor's granite heritage (1999)

Stephen Woods

Materials for a census of Devonian granites and felsites (1892)

R. N. Worth

West Country geological problems: part II : the Dartmoor granite (1897)

Arthur Roope Hunt

Cross on Rippon Tor and granite cylinder on Trowlesworthy (1906)

Richard Hansford Worth

Interpretations of seismic and gravity surveys over the eastern part of the Cornubian platform (1984)

J. W. F. Edwards

On some of the results arising from the bedding joists and speroidal structure of the granite on the eastern side of Dartmoor, Devonshire (1869)

G. Wareing Ormerod

The Dartmoor granite: its mineralogy, petrology and structure (1926)

Alfred Brammall

On the age of the granites of Dartmoor and the English Channel (1889)

Arthur Roope Hunt

Tin and related mineralisation of the Dartmoor granite (1982)

Richard Charles Scrivener

Results of a gravity survey of the south-west margin of Dartmoor, Devon (1980)

J. M. C. Tombs

A study of the space form of the Cornubian granite basolith and its application to detailed gravity surveys in Cronwall (1977)

J. M. C. Tombs

Notes for paper to Section C (British Association) York meeting Tuesday 6th september 1932 on a study of the granite of Lundy .. (1932)

A. T. J. Dollar

The significance of granophyric and myrmekitic textures in the Lundy granites (1966)

D. Shelley

Age of the Lundy granites (1962)

J. A. Miller (Geologist)

On topaz and beryl from the granite of Lundy (1912)

W. F. P. Mclintock

Age-problems of the Lundy Island granites (1932)

A. T. J. Dollar

Age of Lundy granite, Bristol Channel (1962)

M. H. Dodson

The nature and origin of granite (1993)

W. S. Pitcher

On the rock basins in the granite of the Dartmoor district, Devonshire (1859)

G. Wareing Ormerod

The Hensbarrow granite district (1992)

J. H. Collins

An examination of the nature of slope deposits on the Dartmoor granite (1988)

John Gerrard

Granite-water interactions in relation to hot dry rock geothermal development (1988)

The work of giants: great granite rocks of Cornwall and Scilly (1988)

Stanier, Peter

The lithium potential of the St. Austell granite (1987)

The distribution of ammonium in granites from South-West England (1988)

A. Hall