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Geology and landscape in and around Yeovil (2005)

Hugh Prudden

Sidmouth Rocks: an introduction to Sidmouth's geology - or why are Sidmouth's rocks red? (2013)

Roger Trend

The Terraces of Southernmost England ([1936])

John Frederick Norman Green

The geology and palaeontology of Devonshire: [various articles and lectures bound together] (1863)

Pengelly, William

Abstracts of the proceedings of the fourth conference of geologists and geomorphologists working in the South-West of England, Camborne, 1961 (1961)


Palaeolithic rivers of south-west Britain:: optically stimulated luminescence dating of residual deposits of the Proto-Axe, Exe, Otter, and Doniford (2008)

Rambles round Chard with a hammer (1860)

John Jones

Geology in the landscape: a walk and exploration of the landscape and its controlling geology around the Poxwellp pericline (2008)

Geology in Devon ([2008])

The geology of Cornwall: an introduction (2008)

Robert Westwood

The connection between Decoy and Bovey Basins (1996)

Cattell, A. C.

Coexisting acid and basic magmas of the Elizabeth Castle igneous complex, Jersey, Channel Islands (1996)

Shortland, R. A.

Cylindrical granodiorite pipes in the Sorel Point igneous complex, Jersey, Channel Islands (1996)

Salmon, S.

Mixing between granite magmas: evidence from the south-west granite complex of Jersey (1996)

Pembroke, J. W.

Characteristics and development of carbona-style replacement tin mineralization in west Cornwall (1996)

Dominy, S. C.

Petrological features of the Bodmin Moor granite, Cornwall (1996)

Exley, C. S.

Late - to post-variscan structures on the coast between Penzance and Pentewan, south Cornwall (1996)

A. C. Alexander

A re-interpretation of the internal structure of the Lizard complex ophiolite, south Cornwall (1996)

Power, M. R.

Observations on the succession of ammonite faunas in the bathonian (middle jurasic) of south-west England, and their correlation with a sub-mediterranean 'standard zonation' (1996)

Page, K. N.

Computer aided analysis of x-ray images in mudstone concretions from Budleigh Salterton, Devon (1996)

A. J. Kemp

The sedimentology and biostratigraphy of a temporary exposure of Blackdown greensand (lower crustaceous, upper albian) at Blackborough, Devon (1996)

Microfacies analysis and metere-scale syclicity in the givetian back-reef sediments of south-east Devon (1996)

Garland, J.

Metasediment-hosted tin mineralization in the Indian Queens area, mid-Cornwall (1997)

Camm, G. S.

A geological dichotomy in the cornubian batholith (1997)

Alteration and vein mineralisation within the Lizard complex, south Cornwall: constraints on the timing of serpentinisation (1997)

Power, M. R.

The petrography of the Fremington Dyke (1997)

Roberts, C. L.

Evidence for last glacial periglacial activity in Alderney (1997)

H. C. L. James

Pleistocene interglacial sea-levels on the island of Alderney, Channel Islands (1997)

H. C. L. James

The development of loess-bearing soil profiles on permian breccias in Torbay (1997)

Cattell, A. C.

The application of micropalaeontology to sequence stratigraphy: an example from the chalk sucession of south-west England (1997)

M. B. Hart

The Lyme Regis borehole, Dorset - Palynology of the mercia mudstone, penarth and lias groups (upper-triassic-lower jurassic). (1997)

G. Warrington

A section through the Oxford Clay in north Dorset with notes on the Holnest and King's Stag brickpits and the Winterbourne Kingston borehole (1989)

C. R. Bristow

The mesolithic of Cranborne Chase (1989)

John Arnold

Geology in Devon ([2007])

Soil gas geochemistry as an investigative tool in south-west England (2000)

Duddridge, G. A.

The geology of the Lizard complex; 100 years of progress (2000)

Styles, M. T.

Morphology, composition, and supercooling, of the primary olivine microcrescumulate from the Lizard peridotite, Cornwall (2000)

Rothstein, A. T. V.

Devonian and carboniferous volcanic rocks associated with the passive margin sequences of S W England; some geochemical perspectives (2000)

Merriman, R. J.

Shallow foundation problems and ground conditions in Torbay (2000)

Cattell, A. C.

Engineering geomorphological mapping of the upper greensand escarpment near Honiton, Devon (2000)

Griffiths, James S.

The influence of fluid pressure in governing fracture geometry and mineral textures in the pneumatolytic lode systems of south west England (2000)

Halls, C.

The cassiterite-anatase-ilmenite-monazite-sulphide-chlorite assemblage of north tincroft lode (2000)

Le Boutillier, N. G.

Rare earth elements in mineralised granite auroles (2000)

T. K. Ball

The early cornubian plutons: a geochemical study, comparisons and some implications (2000)

The seismicity of Cornwall and Devon (2000)

Musson, R. M. W.

Silic volcanism in the rhenohercynian zone: geochemistry and temporal development (2000)

Jones, R. M.

A new occurremce pf diagenetic simonkolleite from the Gannell estuary, Cornwall (2000)

Duncan Pirrie

Micropalaeontological investigations of the Oxford clay - corallian succession of the Dorset Coast (2000)

Oxford, M. J.

Insights into the formation of the Isles of Scilly pluton (2001)

Mullis, S. J. L.

Surficial geochemical signatures of tin and tungsten deposits north of the St. Austell granite (2001)

Camm, G. S.