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The South Devon earthquake of Christmas day, 1923 (1924)

Richard Hansford Worth

On steam, as the motive power in earthquakes and volcanoes (1866)

R. A. Peacock (Geologist)

Physical and historical evidences of vast sinkings of land ... (1868, )

R. A. Peacock (Geologist)

Notice of the occurrence of an earthquake along the northern edge of the granite of the Dartmoor district on the 28th September, 1858 (1859)

G. Wareing Ormerod

The Bristol Channel earthquake of 1 January 1994 (1996)

B. A. Simpson

A true and exact relation of the most dreadful earthquake which happened in ... Naples, and several other parts of that kingdom (1688)

The seismicity of the Cornubian peninsula in relation to its seismicity (1963)

A. T. J. Dollar

The seismicity of England: four early earthquakes in western

C. P. Melville

Seismicity of Cornwall and Devon (1991)

R. M. W. Musson