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Notes on pottery clays: the distribution, properties, usage and analysis of ball clays, china clays and china stone (1901)

James Fairie

A compariosn of kaolin from Nova Scotia and south-west England (2002)

Current world status of kaolin from south-west England (2003)

The St. Austell China Clay area: a statement of policy by the Cornwal (1974)

G. J. Barrington

A treatise, technical and practical on the uses of china clay: with several useful tables and statistics ... ([1880], )

David Cock

Landscaping and regeneration of china clay works: summary report by Wardell Armstrong in association with DHV Landscape .. (1993)

The wooden ships and the iron men: the story of the china clay ports ... (1980)

C. George Bainbridge

China Clay (1984)

D. E. Highley

China clay sand: liability or asset? : an economic appraisal (1972)

D. C. Corner

China clay (1948)