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Eclipse over Pu Tor (1999)

Ossie Palmer

Recent and coming eclipses: being notes on the total solar eclipses of 1893, 1896 and 1898 (1897)

Joseph Norman Lockyer (Sir)

Eclipse: 11th August 1999 (1999)

Peter Macdonald

This way to the eclipse: a celebration of writing and images by children from different communities across Devon (1999)

Song of the sun: a celebration of light in words and images in the year of the total eclipse of the sun 1999 in Cornwall (1999)

Sheila Jeffries

Countdown to the eclipse (1999)

Countdown to the eclipse (1999)

The book of the eclipse: the hidden influences of eclipses (1999)

David Ovason

Your brilliant guide to the 1999 total solar eclipse (1999)

Walter Berg

The RGO guide to the 1999 total eclipse of the sun (1997)

Steve Bell

A dissertation on the general properties of eclipses; and .. the ... eclipse of 1748 ... (1744)

Smith, George

Eclipse '99': capture it on film (1999)

H. J. P.  Arnold

West country eclipse: 11 August 1999 (1998)

Patrick Moore (Astronomer)

Total eclipse of the sun in Cornwall and South Devon, Wednesday 11th August, 1999 (1999)

Pam Hine