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The power of three: Thomas Fowler, Devon's forgotten genius (2016)

Pamela Vass

Oliver Heaviside: it's my genius that keeps me warm (2008)

Alan Heather

Nicholas Saunderson, L.L.D., late Lucasian Proffessor of mathemaitics in Cambridge ([1745?])

Nicholas ..

George Bidder, of Devonshire, aet.13 whose extraordinary power of calculation developed itself without instruction & reached an unprecedented height before he attained his seventh year: from a ... (1819)

J.H Robinson

George Bidder, the calculating phenomenon of England: who at 8 years of age & having received no instruction in arithmetic possessed the power of resolving difficult arithmetical questions without ... ([1815?])

Des Cartes: from the original picture by Francis Hals in the gallery of the Louvre ([1830?])

William Holl

Des Cartes ([1830?])

William Holl

Sir Isaac Newton ([1830?])

Edward Scriven

Sir Isaac Newton. Ob.1727. From the original of Kneller, in the collection of the Right Honble.the Earl of Egremont (1829)

William Thomas Fry

Rediscovering Thomas Fowler (1777-1843):: mathematician and inventer (1999)

Pamela Vass

George Parker Bidder (1902)

T. N. Brushfield

The inventor of the ophthalmoscope (1926)

G. T. Harris

Devon mathemeticians (1924)

R. B. M-

William Kingdon Clifford F.R.S. 1845-1879 (1994)

F. J. M. Laver

The cogwheel brain: Charles Babbage and the quest to build the first computer (2000)

Doron Swade

Charles Babbage (2000)

Neil Champion

Charles Babbage: father of the computer (1791-1871) ([1999])

On a quality of the eye in relation to perspective (1862)

Hiern, William Philip

On the magical equation to the tangent of a curve (1863)

W. P. Hiern

Charles Babbage and his calculating engines: selected writings by...Babbage and others. Edited...by Philip...and Emily Morrison (1961)

Charles Babbage

A short account of George Bidder, the celebrated mental calculator ... with extracts from various newspapers (1820)

Mathematical papers (1882)

William Kingdon Clifford

Charles Babbage: pioneer of the computer (1982)

Anthony Hyman

Some extraordinary calculations as performed in London and in various parts of Englandby G.Bidder, a Devonshire youth (1820)

W. Saint

The mathematical work of Charles Babbage (1978)

J. M. Dubbey

Mr. Babbage's secret: the tale of a cypher - and APL (1984)

Ole Immanuel Franksen

Irascible genius: the life of Charles Babbage, inventor (1964)

Maboth Moseley

William Whewell (1794-1866), Dionysius Lardner (1793-1859) and Charles Babbage (1792-1871) (1991)

Charles Babbage: the man and his machines (1992)

Donald H. Brown

The Babbage papers in the Science Museum Library: a cross-referenced text (1991)

The schoolmaster's repository, or pupil's exercise .. (1764)

Donn, Benjamin

Mathematical essays ; or a new introduction to the mathematics: being essays on vulgar and decimal arithmetic ... (1764)

Donn, Benjamin

Charles Babbage and his calculating engines (1991)

Doron Swade

On the economy of machinery and manufactures (1832)

Charles Babbage

The works of Charles Babbage (1989)

Charles Babbage

Duodecimal arithmetick: viz notation, addition, ... duodecimally performed, ... By Joshua Jordaine of Exon, philo-accomptant (1687)

Joshua Jordaine

Some extraordinary examples in mental calculations: Questions answered by George Bidder in 1815 aged 9 years and a half (1819)

George Parker Bidder

Charles Babbage: selected works (1988)

Charles Babbage

Memoir of the life and labours of the late Charles Babbage, Esq. F.R.S. (1988)

Henry Wilmot Buxton

Charles Babbage: pioneer of the computer (1984)

Anthony Hyman

The parallel arithmetics: book seven (senior book three) (1947)

W.A Robbins

[ On mathematics] (1902)

W. Harpley

The most general school assistant, containing a complete system of arithmetic (1770)

Dyer, G.

How heavy, how much and how long?: Weights, money and other measures used by our ancestors (1999)

Colin R. Chapman

The hide examined (1904)

John B. Phear (Sir)

The use of a Norse standard of measurement by the Normans in 11th & (1914)

Hugh Robert Watkin