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[Weir] ([1835?])

A. P. Radcliffe

Drake's weir, Tavistock (1947)

Hicks, H. Ronald

Sir Francis Drake's Weir, Tavey ([1790?)

Payne, William

Weir on the Tamar ([1790?)

Payne, William

Head Weir, Exeter ([1840?])

John Gendall

Exeter Weir ([1840?])

Gendall, John [attrib.]

Head Wier, looking down river (1823)

Emmanuel Jeffery

Medieval Exeter, the Exe and the earldom of Devon (1972)

A. M. Jackson

Avon Weir act 1992: Statutes 1992. Local ; c. 5 (1992)

View of the Revd. W.H.Coham's weir at Black Torrington Devonshire (c.1800)

James Neele

Exeter, from Trew's Weir ([1855?])