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Men who make the future (1943)

Bruce Bliven

A singular Exmoor man: Hector Heywood (2012)

Bruce Heywood

Henry De la Beche: observations on an observer (1977)

Paul J. McCartney (Biographer)

A wild life on Exmoor (2007)

Johnny Kingdom

[Francis William Lock Ross] (c.1860)

Francis ..

Yours truely William B.Carpenter ([1870?])

A wild life on Exmoor (2006)

Johnny Kingdom

John Ray ([1790?])

W. H. Lizars

Linnaeus: from a copy by Pasch in the possession of R.Brown, Esqre., of the original at the Royal Academy of Sciences at Stockholm ([1830?])

Charles Edward Wagstaff

[Charles Darwin] (c.1880)

[William Benjamin Carpenter] (c.1855)

Humboldt ([1850?])

C. Cook

G.L.Le Clerc Count de Buffon. Author of natural history (c.1770)

George Romney

Thomas Pennant Esqr. (1799)

Thomas Pennant Esq. an.aetat. 50 (1793)

Stanier, Peter

[Charles Darwin] (c.1855)

Obituary notices: Edward Parfitt (1893)

W. Harpley

Colonel Hamilton Smith MSS (1919)

Wm, and others Ridgeway

Obituary notices: Sir Henry Peek, Bart (1899)

W. Harpley

Notes from an unpublished ms. of a contemporary of Colonel Montagu: Dr.A.G.C.Tucker of Ashburton (1900)

E. A. S. Elliot

A biography of Percy Sladen (1849-1900) (2003)

David Nichols

Glimpses of the wonderful: the life of Philip Henry Gosse 1810- 1888 (2002)

Ann Thwaite

A biography of Walter Percy Sladen: pioneer in echinoderm taxonomy (2001)

David Nichols

Gosse: the life of Philip Henry Gosse (2000)

L. R. Croft

Green eye of the storm: controversy between science and (1998)

John Rendle-Short

Dr Frederick Robert Elliston Wright ... (1879-1966): physician, field naturalist and man of the people (1998)

Brian J. Chugg

W.D.Hudson: a biography (1984)

Ruth Tomalin

Seahorses: conservation and care (1997)

Neil Garrick-Maidment

An index to Braunton: a few nature notes ([1996])

Life of Jonathan Couch, F.L.S., etc., of Polperro: the Cornish Ichthyologist (1891)

Bertha Couch

Wanderings in New South Wales, Batavia, Pedir Coast, Singapore and China D07034993X (1967)

George Bennett

Peter Scott: painter and naturalist (1993)

Elspeth Huxley

Stars in the grass: the life of Cornish naturalist Frederick Hamilton Davey 1868-1915 ([1994?)

Selina Bates

Philip Henry Gosse: a bibliography (1980)

Richard Broke Freeman

The naturalist of the sea-shore: the life of Philip Henry Gosse (1896)

Gosse, Edmund

Contributions to canadian natural history (1860)

W. S. M. D'Urban

Proposals for the publication of the natural history mss. of Francis William Locke Ross ([1983])

P. M. Pollak