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The Loe: a personal journey around the pool (2007)

David Balme

[Blue Pool, Church Knowle]. June 15 1956 (1956)

K. M. Treloar

Dozmary Pool (1933)

Dozmary Pool (1933)

Clasiewell Pool, Dartmoor (1923)

W. S. B. H-

[Bradford Pool] (1900)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

[Bradford Pool?] (1930)

G. Rudd Thompson

Slapton Lea 1862 (1862)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

Then and now (c2007)

Mike Huntley

Slapton Lea (c.1925)

Slapton Lea (c.1925)

[Slapton Ley] ([1900?])

John Stabb

Bradmere Pool, June 24 1857 (1857)

Cresswell, Richard

On the absence of small lakes, or tarns, from...Dartmoor (1897)

Alexander Somervail

The Blue Pool, Wareham, Dorset (1983)

The Wessex water authority (Clatworthy Reservoir) order 1980: Statutory Instruments 1980 ; no. 863 (1980)

The natural history of Slapton Ley Nature Reserve. 9: morpohology and history of the lake basins (1978)

C. R.  Morey

Blagdon (1987)

Christopher Ogborne

Excavations at Chew Valley Lake, Somerset (1977)

Philip Arthur Rahtz

Ancient Lake Bottom (1884)

Grant Allen