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The culm natural area: a nature conservation profile, June 1997 (1997)

Hughes, Michael R.

Advice to farmers and land managers in the culm grassland area (2007)

Matt Lobley

Unimproved neutral grassland in Dorset: survey and conservation (1992)

Ron Porley

Grassland hemiptera from Exmoor (1989)

J. A. Hollier

The removal of molina caerulea from burnt and unburnt areas of Catcott Parish plot (1989)

Pat Hill-Cottingham

Agrostis stolonifera-carex spp. Grassland: a new plant community described from the Somerset levels (1996)

Wendy P. Cox

The loss of unimproved grassland in Somerset, from the 1930's to the 1990's (1996)

Maree Whyte

Botanical composition and conservation value of Cynosurus Cristatus-Caltha Palustris grassland at West Sedgmoor (2003)

Hilary L. Wallace

Culm connections (1999-)

Where to visit culm grassland ([2000])

Use and abuse of our grassland: a challenging article

Victor Howell Beynon

A Study of grassland costs in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset: {1) one year's analysis - 1951-52 : (2) six year's summary 1946-52 (1954)

K. G. Tyers

Wildlife enhancement scheme: management guidelines for the Culm grasslands ([1991])

Grassland in England and Wales (with special reference to the Bristol II province) (Report no 106) (1958)

Victor Howell Beynon

Grassland management: an economic study in Devon (1963)

Victor Howell Beynon

Wildlife enhancement scheme: for the Culm grasslands : sites of special scientific interest in Devon and Cornwall (1991)

North Wyke Research Station (1992)

North Wyke Research Station (1991)