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The coastal defences of Lyme Regis: recent archaeological investigations (2007)

M. D. Wilson

Costal defences and garissons 1480-1914 (1999)

Duffy, Michael

[Dawlish Warren Coastlines Defences]

Searley, A. W.

[Dawlish Coastlines Sea walls]

Sir Ralph Lane (1904)

T. N. Brushfield

[Tower at water's edge] ([1820?])

Robert Hurrell Froude

Preventive mens battery, Warren ([1860?])

A report of the probable amount of the expence ... for completing the several fortifications... of Plymouth (1785)

A history of the maritime forts in the Bristol Channel 1866-1900 ([1973?)

J. H. Barrett

Henry VIII and the development of coastal defence (1976)

Beric M. Morley (Architectural historian)

Steep Holm at war (1991)

Legg, Rodney