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Reversing language shift: the case of Cornish (2010)

Ute Wimmer

I-affection in Breton and Cornish (2006)

Nicholas J. A. Williams

Cornish or klingon?: the standardization of the cornish language (2006)

Bernard Deacon

The retreat of the Cornish language (1999)

Payton, Philip

The Cornish Language Board sales list January 2007 (2007)


Authenticity in the revival of Cornish (1994)

Charles Penglase

Which base for revived Cornish? (1995)

Ken George

Negative particles in Cornish (1996)

Glanville Price

Language revival and language debate: modernity and postmodernity (1996)

Bernard Deacon

Indirect statement in Cornish and Breton (1998)

Nicholas J. A. Williams

The verbs cowas, cavas, and cafel in late modern Cornish (1998)

Richard Gendall

The myth of objectivity: the Cornish language and the eighteenth-century antiquities (1998)

Emma Mitchell

The Reverend Joseph Sherwood: a Cornish language will-o-the-wisp? (1998)

Matthew Spriggs

Saint in Cornish (1999)

Nicholas J. A. Williams

Reconstructive phonology and contrastive lexicology: problems with the gerlyver kernewek kemmyn (1999)

Jon Mills (Cornish language authority)

Fatel era ny a keel? revived Cornish: taking stock (2002)

Neil Kennedy

Cornish at its millenium: an independent study of the language taken in 2000 (2002)

Kenneth MacKinnon

On the track of Cornish in a bilingual country (2003)

Julyan Holmes

Where Cornish was spoken and when: a provisional synthesis (2003)

Matthew Spriggs

Celtic revival and the Anglican Church in Cornwall (2003)

David Everett

As Cornish as possible - not an outcast anymore: speakers' and learners' opinions on Cornish (2004)

Kenneth MacKinnon

Scatting it t'lerrups: provisional notes towards alternative methodologies in language and literary studies in Cornwall (2005)

Alan M. Kent

The Cornish language and its literature (1974)

Peter Berresford Ellis

English-Cornish dictionary (2006)

Nicholas J. A. Williams

A rediscovered Cornish-English vocabulary (2001)

Andrew Hawke

Linguistically sound principles: the case against Kernewek Kemmyn (1996)

Nicholas J. A. Williams


An lef Kernewek (1952-)

The Cornish language (1922)

John Frederick Chanter (Reverend)

' Scilly' and 'Scillonian' in Cornish (1977)

Cornish grammar for beginners and the auxiliary verbs (2002)

John Page (Cornish linguist)

A short Cornish dictionary: gerlyver ber (2000)

Christine Truran

Cornish for beginners: a series of lessons for self tuition ([1963])

P. A. S. Pool

The history of Cornish in the parish of St Stephen in Brannel (1998)

Pol Hodge

Llawlyfr Cernyweg canol (1946)

Henry Lewis

Names for the Cornish: 300 Cornish first names. (1999)

A new Cornish dictionary: gerlyver noweth Kernewek (1999)

Robert Morton Nance

Notennow Kernewek: tressa dyllans 1999 (1999)

Ray Edwards

Cornish this way = Holyewgh an lergh: a beginner's course in Cornish (1999)

Graham M. Sandercock

Kesva an Traves Kernewek: derivas hy thowl - The Cornish Language Board : a policy statement (1997)

Wella Brown

Kernewek a Wella Rowee ([1998])

Wella Rowe

The story of the Cornish language (1998)

Peter Berresford Ellis

A policy statement (1997)

W. Brown

A study of the Chaldean roots in the ancient Cornish language: with observations on the early tin trade in West Cornwall (1998)

Holmes, Sherlock [pseud.]

A very brief history of the Cornish language (1996)

Graham M. Sandercock

Lexicon Cornu-Britannicum: a dictionary of the ancient Celtic language of Cornwall... (1865)

Robert Williams

First steps in Cornish (1---)

W. D. Watson

Short Cornish dictionary (1986)

Christine Truran

A Cornish glossary: note on Endlicher's Gaulish glossary, the accusative plural in the British languages (1870)

Whitley Stokes

How to learn Cornish: reading, writing, talking (1947)

Arthur Saxon Dennett Smith