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English in Australia now: notes on a visit to Victoria and other states (1973)

David Holbrook

The stories of English (2020)

David Crystal

Diversity in diction, equlity in action: a guide to the appropriate use of language (2005)

Seventeenth century invective (1974)

Rosemary C. Dunhill

Seventeenth century invective: defamation cases as a source for word study (1974)

Rosemary C. Dunhill

A dictionary of historical slang ; abridged by Jacqueline Simpson (1972, )

Eric Partridge (Linguist)

Storm and other Old English riddles

John Hart's works on English orthography and pronunciation... (1955)

Bror Danielsson

The universal primer ; or, child's first guide to learning - new ed. (1825)

Answers and asides (1983)

D. Connor Ferris

Guernsey ABC (1982)

Jenny Grut

Tiw: or, a view of the roots and stems of the English as a Teutonic tongue (1862)

William Barnes

Oxford dictionary of current English. (1984)

Sound change in progress: a study of phonological change and lexical diffusion ...in the speech of some Exeter schoolchildren (1992)

Anthea Sullivan

Learn English 1990 (1989)

Studies in the ME dialects of Devon and London (1944)

Hjordis Bohman