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A tale of two skulls: superstition in Dorset at Waddon and Bettiscombe (1998)

M. S. Ross

Celtic Galicia? Ancient connections and similarities in the traditions, superstitions and folklore of the Cornish peninsular and Galicia in Spain (2001)

Manuel Alberro

Jewish ghosts, knackers, tommyknockers, and other sprites of capitalism in the Cornish mines (2005)

Paul Manning (Anthropologist)

Cornish folklore: to avert an ill wish (1921)

H. Michell Whitley

Some old time superstitions of Devon (1924)

Ruth E. Morris (Devon folklore writer)

Superstitions: Tiverton district (1977)

W. P. Authers

Cornish superstitions: St Blazey district (1977)

W. P. Authers

Devonlore (1967)

R. B. Wright

Exmoor witchcraft and superstitions (2002)

F. J. Snell

Dartmoor superstitions: tales of witches, superstitions ... (1999)

Anna Eliza Bray

Cornish superstitions: a complete guide to the superstitions of the Cornish people (1996)

Kelvin I. Jones

Devonshire superstitions (1997)

Mary Elizabeth Whitcombe

More Cornish superstitions (1997)

A most shocking affair that happened last week near Totnes Man struck by lightning after swearing false oath ([1783])