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Funeral customs (1904)

A speech delivered at the interment of Mr. Samuel Kingdom who was buried November 6, 1797 (1797)

James Manning

The best portion. Being a sermon preached at the funeral of Mrs. Mary Steed, in the city of Exon, November 16th, 1699 ... (1699)

Thomas Whinnell

Funeral address to a parish on the removal of a beloved pastor ; ([1841])

James Ford

An address ; delivered in Bunhill-Fields, Thursday, December 31, 1812, at the interment of Mr Joseph Jefferies Evans, merchant .. (1813)

John Evans

An address, on the resurrection of Christ, delivered in Bunhill- Fields, Wednesday, November 23, 1814, at the interment of Thomas (1815)

John Evans

The Ilsington parish bier (1991)

Leslie Charles Manley

Form of service in commemoration of the late Field-Marshal Lord Kitchener, Sunday, June 11th, 1916 (1916)