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Stoke St Michael in old photographs (2008)

Joyce Jefferson,

The Black Prince Flower Boat: a may-time custom at Millbrook, Cornwall (2009)

Gendall, J. E.,

Guy Fawkes night in Exeter (c.1882)

Ploughman of the moon (2001)


Helston flora dance, 1962 (1962)

Crying the neck: a Devonshire custom (2005)

Frederick Thomas Ellworthy

'Guizing': Ancient traditions and modern sensitivities (2006)

Merv Davey

Twelfth day eve (1946)

The pretty maid's portion : a quaint Devonshire ceremony (1927)

Harris, W. Gregory (Reverend)

Mock procession (1921)

Odd goings on (1966)

H. R. Cleaver

Mock mayors in Devon (1925)

Chope, R. Pearse

No need to sit in the beer: Ashburton's annual ale-tasting and bread-weighing ceremony (2000)

Hesketh, Robert

Old-time survivals in Devon (1934)

Marjory Eckett Fielden

Colperra day at the Lizard (1983)

W. P. Authers

A " Skimmington ride" at Aveton Gifford (1981)

M. G. Dickinson

The New Year's Day annual pilgrimage to Fur Tor (1987) (1987)

Ian Kirkpatrick

Ye Fyshinge Feaste (1987)

Paul Rendell

Exeter, 5th Nov., Cathl. Yd ([1860?])

Interior of bonfire Cathl Yard, Exeter, Nov 5/75 (1875)

Building the bonfire, Exeter, Nov. 5 1880 (1880)

[Building Guy Fawkes bonfire in Cathedral Close] Wedn Nov 5/84 (1884)

Boys parish fighting ([1860?])

Guy Fawkes' Day: Fifth of November Celebration at Exeter - the bonfire in the Cathedral Close (1882)

A. P- (Artist)

Christmas in Devon (2000)

Crying the neck: an old harvest custom (1928)

R. J. Noall

Hobby Horse Parade Padstow, Cornwall ([197-?)

Crying the neck (1902)

George M. Doe

St. Petroc's land: celebrating the traditions of North Cornwall (1999)

The Running of the Black Dog ([1997])

The taboo in Cornwall (1951)

Penzance customs and superstitions (1997)

Strange Cornish customs (1997)

Old Somerset customs (1984)

Muriel Walker

Old Devon customs (1953)

J. R. W. Coxhead

Devon customs and superstitions (1996)

Curiosities of olden times (1896)

Sabine Baring-Gould (Reverend)

Helston Furry Day (1931)

James Dryden Hosken

Customs and superstitions from Cornish folklore (1991)

Robert Hunt

Customs, ceremonies and traditions of the Channel Islands (1976)

Raoul Lempriere

Cornish homes and customs (1934)

A. K. Hamilton Jenkin

Exmoor custom and song (1974)

Robert William Patten

Coming of age and ox-roasting in Devon ([1891])

Rogers, William Henry Hamilton

Curiosities of olden times (1895)

Sabine Baring-Gould (Reverend)

Helston Flora Day (1978)

Jill Newton

Heritage of the West (1938)

Ernest Walter Martin

Old Devon customs (1957)

J. R. W. Coxhead

Old Devon customs (1957)

J. R. W. Coxhead

The Anglo-Norman custumal of Exeter (1925)

J. W. Schopp