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Arthurian literature; 27 (2010)

Arthurian literature ; 26 (2009)

Arthur: the king in the West (2010)

Robert W. Dunning

Arthurian literature ; 25 (2008)

Malory's library: the sources of Morte d'Arthur (2008)

Ralph Norris

King of the Middle March (2007)

Kevin Crossley-Holland

King Arthur's Avalon: the story of Glastonbury (2007)

Geoffrey Ashe

Arthur: high king of Britain (2008)

Morpurgo, Michael

Idylls of the king: legends of King Arthur and the quest for the Holy Grail: the naked poet of East Anglia (c2007)

The King Arthur trilogy: The sword and the circle; The light beyond the forest; The road to Camlann (2007)

Sutcliff, Rosemary

Arthurian literature ; 24 (2007)

The Oxford guide to Arthurian literature and legend (2007)

Alan Lupack

King Arthur: Excalibour unsheathed (2007)

Jeff Limke

King Arthur's enchantresses: Morgan and her sisters in Arthurian tradition (2006)

Carolyne Larrington

The story of King Arthur and his knights (2006)

Tania Zamorsky

The sword in the stone (2006)

Arthur the King (2006)

Marriage, adultery and inheritance in Mallory's Morte Darthur (2006)

Karen Cherewatuk

King Arthur and the knights of the round table (2004)

Deborah Tempst

Malory's contemporary audience: the social reading of romance in late medieval England (2006)

Thomas H. Crofts

King Arthur (2006)

King ..,

Reinventing King Arthur: the Arthurian legends in Victorian culture (2005)

Inga Bryden

The boy's King Arthur (2006)

Sidney Lanier

The fall of Camelot (2003)

A history of Arthurian scholarship (2006)

History ..,

Caxton's morte d'Arthur: the printing process and the authenticity of the text (2002)

Takako Kato

Gawain: a casebook (2005)

King Arthur (2003)

Jeremy Smith

Arthur : King of the Middle March (2003)

Kevin Crossley-Holland

Worlds of Arthur: King Arthur in history, legend and culture (2005)

Fran Doel

Arthurian legends and the influence of French prose romance: the Grail, Lancelot, Tristan and related manuscripts from the British Library (2005?)

King Arthur's world (2005)

Kevin Crossley-Holland

Visions of Camelot: great illustrations of King Arthur and his court (2009)

The Grail, the quest and the world of Arthur (2008)

The mammoth book of King Arthur (2005)

Michael Ashley

The story of King Arthur and other Celtic heroes (2005)

Padraic Colum

Sir Gawain and the classical tradition: essays on the ancient antecedents (2005)

Forging chivalric communities in Malory's Morte d' Arthur (2005)

Kenneth L. Hodges

Arthur and Merlin: the ^Tweedale connection (c.1987)

John Edward Randall

Waking Merlin (2005)

Tanya Landman

Witches, druids and King Arthur (2006)

Ronald Hutton

The holy grail (2005)

King Arthur: Dark Age warrior and mythic hero (2004)

John Matthews (Arthurian authority)

Re-viewing Le morte d' Arthur: texts and contexts,characters and themes (2005)

The legend of the Grail (2004)

Nigel Bryant

Arthur: king of the Britons : from Celtic hero to cinema icon (2004)

Daniel Mersey

King Arthur and the myth of history (2004)

Laurie Finke

The book of Guinevere: legendary Queen of Camelot (2004)

Andrea Hopkins

Mordred's version: King Arthur's dishonour (2004)

Beric Norman

The Grail legend in modern literature (2004)

John B. Marino