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Express journey 1864-1964: a centenary history of the Express Dairy Company Limited (1964)

Bryan Morgan

The businesses of Sampford Peverell (2020)

What is "LETS"? ([1994])

Local markets and merchants in late fourteenth-century Exeter (1982)

Maryanne Kowaleski

Exe-Dart Devon: some social and economic effects of the Newfoundland trade (2009)

Marion Hardy

The Trading communities of Totnes and Dartmouth in the late fifteenth and sixteenth centuries (1960)

Laura M. Nicholls

Bristol's trade with Ireland and the continent, 1503-1601: the evidence of the exchequer customs accounts (2009)


Local price information (1975)

Trading in ores 1600-1900 (1983)

R. Chadwick

Baltic trade with Devon 1784-1795 (1986)

Walter E. Minchinton

The waterborne trade of Huntspill, Somerset (1991)

Stuart Lamb

Dartmouth's whaling trade (1994)

Peter Barton

The Dartmouth harbour papers (part III): the Dartmouth bunkering and coal trade (1998)

Ivor H. Smart

Last of the Plymouth fruit traders (1999)

David Banks

The contraband trade in Polperro at the end of the 18th century (2000)

Jeremy Rowett Johns

Poole and Newfoundland (2002)

Ian Andrews

Lord Nelson and the English timber cartel (2003)

Mike Baker

The southwest's connections with Labrador (2003)

Marion Hardy

Cornwall and Newfoundland: early contacts (2004)

John Scantlebury

The coastal trade of the ketch Millbay 1902-1944 (2006)

Lulu Chesnutt

Oranges and Lemons: the rise and fall of west country shipping involvement in the fruit trade (2006)

Geoffrey Doye

Customs? what customs?: a tale of illicit trading and skulduggery in the Bristol Channel (2007)

Colin Green

The trade of Bristol in the eighteenth century (1957)

The context of Tintagel: a new model for the diffusion of post-Roman Mediterranean imports (1988)

Some navigational considerations of pre-medieval trade between Cornwall and north-west europe (2001)

Davis, P. R.

Exmoor off the beaten track: sea trade in the sixteenth century (2001)

Philip Ashford

The north Devon coal and cul trades, 1780-1830 (1999)

Michael Nix (Doctor)

The export trade in north Devon earthenware 1780-1840 (1996)

Michael Nix (Doctor)

Bath commercialis'd: shops, trades and market at the 18th century spa (2002)

Trevor Fawcett

General treatise of naval trade and commerce, as founded on the laws and statutes of this realm ... - 2nd ed (1753)

General ..

Illustrations of the manners and expenses of ancient times .. (1797)

John Nicholas

North Devon's trade links with Ireland (2003)

Bideford and Barnstaple in 1724 (1929)

Voice of the West: the official journal of the West Country Anti-Common Market League (1972)

Exeter city centre: local price information

Local price information [Exeter]

Some evidence of trade between Exeter and Newfoundland up to 1600 (1932)

Harte, W. J.

The maritime trade of Exeter in mediaeval times (1912)

H. Michell Whitley

Petition to [of] the Mayor &c., of Exeter (1903)

Edward Windeatt

Some villans of the eighteenth-century market place (1982)

Avril D. Leadley

Bristol's merchants and the Great Western Railway (2002)

Cyril Gibson

Local markets and regional trade in medieval Exeter - New ed (2002)

Maryanne Kowaleski

Coastal and river trade in pre-industrial England: Bristol and its region, 1680-1730 (2000)

David Hussey

The Federal Republic of Yugoslaia (United Nations sanctions) (Channel Islands) (amendment) order 1999: Statutory Instruments 1999 ; no. 284 (1999)

How much is that worth ?. by Lionel Munby (1996)

Lionel M. Munby

The Sierra Leone (United Nations sanctions) (Channel Islands) order 1997: Statutory Instruments 1997 ; no. 2599 (1997)

Some evidence of trade between Exeter and Newfoundland to 1600 (1932)

Walter J. Harte

Review of the mercantile, trading and manufacturing state, interests and capabilities of the port of Plymouth (1816)

William Burt

The seaborne trade of Barnstaple, Bideford and Ilfracombe 1660-1700 (1972)

G. J. O. Dunstan

The natural rate of inflation ([1981])

John Maloney