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Tea Clipper 'Gossamer': lost on the South devon coast in 1868 ([2014])

Steve Clarkson

Armada hospital ship 'San Pedro El Mayor': lost on the South devon coast 1588 AD (2014)

Steve Clarkson

the Victorian Titanic. the loss of the S.S. Schiller in 1875 (2001)

Keith Austin

Lost off Trevose: the shipwrecks of Cornwall's Trevose Head (2011)

Brian French

The Salcombe Cannon Site (2009)

Ron Howells

Lundy the Puffin Island

King Head, Salcombe (1936)

King ..

Shipwrecks and disasters on the River Dart (2009)

Don Collinson

Herzogin Cecilie, Soar Mill Cove (1936)

MSC Napoli: the aftermath of the beaching off Branscombe, East Devon, 20 January 2007 : report of an inquiry (2009)

Shipwrecks of South Devon (2000)

Richard Larn

Wreck of the Providence (c.1900)

A whaler aground on Shelly bank, Exmouth, c. 1900 (c.1900)

The Arrowhead from Guernsey on Maer Rocks, Feb. 1956 (1956)

Dog rescued from the 'Tehwija' Oct. 10th 1907 (1907)

After the wreck of the 'Twija' (1907)

The Wreck of 'Twija', a Russian timberboat driven ashore at Orcombe Point in 1907 (1907)

Wreck of 'Twija', Exmouth, 1907 (1907)

Wreck of 'Twija', Exmouth, 1907 (1907)

Wreck of 'Twija', Exmouth, 1907 (1907)

Wreck of 'Twija', Exmouth, 1907 (1907)

Wreck of 'Twija', Exmouth, 1907 (1907)

Wreck of 'Twija', Exmouth, 1907 (1907)

Liberty shipwrecks and the west country (2007)

Bill Kelly

The wreck of La Pauline - Exmouth 27 March 1843 (1994)

Burt, Roger

Pollution of the South Hams coast (1994)

David Murch

In search of the past - the story of the 'Antoinette' (1998)

Robbie Tatlow

An unusual incident (2007)

Don Collinson

The Scillies forgotten battleship wreck (2007)

Richard Larn

Captain Portlock's gamble (1999)

Des Sleightholme

Evidence for high status at sea: the Church Rocks wreck (2004)

Chris Preece

S.S.Alba, ashore at St.Ives, pounded by heavy seas. St.Ives lifeboat, after rescuing her crew, capsized and was dashed to pieces on rocks. Five lives were lost. (1938)

Benwick (1903)

Katina, Hartland 1913 (1913)

Shipwrecks of the Dorset coast (2005)

Gordon Le Pard

Braunton shipwrecks : tales of ships and seamen wrecked on Braunton's beaches (1999)

Brock, Bob

Tale of a shipwreck (1983)

The life and death of the Liverpool barque Dryad (1874-91) (2004)

Henry G. L. Alexander

To sail no more: the story of a West Country Ketch (2010)

Ron Howell

Castaway and wrecked (1978)

Rex Cowan

Carvings of Bideford Arms (1924)

Richard Hedden

Tin ingots from Bigbury Bay, South Devon (1995)

Aileen Fox (Lady)

Shipwrecks of the North Somerset coastline (1998)

Vince Russett

Historic wrecks in Bigbury and Start bays (1909)

E. A. S. Elliot

The wreck of the "Mohegan" 1898 (1978)

W. P. Authers

The shipper's wife (1965)

Mary Drake

Wrecks on the south Devon coast (1973)

David Murch

The Penzance life-boat, Richard Lewis, going out to the North Britain, wrecked in Mount's Bay [6 Dec 1868] ([1868])

Wreck of the Oregon under Picklecombe Battery, Plymouth Sound (c.1890)

The Start Point, South Devon, with the remains of the wreck of the Spirit of the Ocean [Stokenham] (c.1866)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)