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Sail and steam in the Plymouth area (2015)

Alan Kittridge

Catalogue, classified catalogue and subject index (1999)

the Victorian Titanic. the loss of the S.S. Schiller in 1875 (2001)

Keith Austin

South West Harbours: Ships and Trades (2008)

Michael Langley

The industrial training ship Mount Edgcumbe (2008)

Bruce Hunt

The glorious defeat of the invincible Spanish Armada, by the English fleet, between Dover and Calais, in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, 1588 (c.1780)

Lodge, William

The Spanish invincible armada, attacked between Dover and Calais, and defeated by the English fleet (1750)

Engagement between the British fleet and the Spanish Armada' off the Isle of Wight, 25th. July, 1588 (1797)

J. Pass (Engraver)

[Thames] ([1890?])

Pocknell, Edward [attrib?]

Coasting vessels at Morwellham in the 18th century (1981)

Amber Patrick

The Garlandstone (1984)

R. J. Paige

Garlandstone - the passing of an era (1991)

Blaze Redgrave

The restoration of the Tamar barge Lynher (2000)

Esmond Harris

Jammed between two walls of Gravesend lock: more details about the demise of the Calstock sailing schooner Vistula (2002)

Susan Pittman

Three Bridgewater ships (1987)

David B. Clement

Trows on the back (1987)

Peter J. Stuckey

The 'Mary Peers' of Chester - Newquay ships and masters (1993)

Paul Parry

Cutters and cutter-brigs (1993)

David R. MacGregor

Captain Brown and the 'Achelous' (1993)

Peter J. Ferguson

Bristol channel pilot cutters - the survivors (1993)

Peter J. Stuckey

The topsail schooner Alice Williams (1855-1928) (1995)

Robin Craig

The log of the "Hilda" (2002)

Lester Newman

The SS Radstock a Bristol Channel steam coaster (2004)

Chris Handley

Bude sailing vessels (1999)

John V. Bartlett

Bristol Channel pilot cutters (1993)

Peter J. Stuckey

The ships of the Veneti (1985)

RMS Titanic passsenger lists (2007)

[Boats] ([1819?])

Robert Hurrell Froude

[Boats] Sept 28. 1819 (1819)

Robert Hurrell Froude

Ship hulk [on the Devonshire coast] ([1840?])

John Gendall

Appledore mariners and the manning of North Devon vessels in 1841 (2005)

Michael Nix (Doctor)

Exmouth. Cargo steamer from Louisa Terrace. 68 (1968)

Viv Wilson

[Britannia, Dartmouth Ships Training ships. Coloured]

[Britannia, Hindustan, Dartmouth Ships ] (l904)

Searley, A. W.

Dartmouth Castle (1948)

Queen of the Isles, Hayle (1966)

Eric R. Delderfield

The fitting out of two vessels against the Spanish Armada at Dartmouth in 1588 (1880)

Edward Windeatt

The Bellerophon (1958)

A. Verity-Young

Barnstaple bulldogs (1930)

Chope, R. Pearse

Drake's ship (1917)

The crew of the Golden Hind (1913)

The Mayflower (1923)

Beatrix F. Cresswell

Chair made from remains of Drake's ship (1917)

Drake's ship : The Revenge" (1913)

Classic boats of the West Country: drawing on our maritime tradition (2002)

Heard, Ian

The great viking raid of 1997 (1998)

Bob LeMarchant

In the wake of Columbus (1965)

J. Greenaway

Shipping registers (1981)

Margery Rowe

The Swan of the Exe (1921)

Laycock, Charles H.

Matters of controversy: the "Zeraphyn" of Torrington (1991)

Alison Grant