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Salcombe schooner port: a maritime history of Salcombe & its merchant sailing vessels in the nineteenth century (2018)

Roger Barrett

The maritime history of Cornwall (2014)

Payton, Philip

Social dynamics in South-West England AD 350-1150: an exploration of maritime oriented identity (2014)

Imogen Tompsett

Plymouth's other fleet: the merchant shipping & fishing boat registers of the port of Plymouth ([2013])

Gary Hicks

A maritime history of Somerset: volume one: Trade and commerce (2010)

Society for nautical research: Annual report - 1936-1940 & 1946-1952

Collection records for the merchant seaman's fund: a source for the study of Exeter shipping in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries (2011)

Peter Skidmore

Dorset and the sea (2010)

Gordon Le Pard

le commerce maritime Breton, a la fin du moyen age (1967)

Henri Touchard

A maritime history of Somerset: volume one: Trade and commerce (2010)

Into hostile waters: factors determining the trade expansion by the Exeter merchant families of Kennaway, Lee and Milford (2006)

Anne Stuart Evans

An apprentice in coal and steam (2007)

Paul Bell

Schooners' sunset - part one, chapter one introduction, chapter two shoes and ships and sealing wax (1994)

Douglas G. Bennet

Schooners' sunset - part 2 - chapter 3 'Alert', chapter 4 'Brooklands' (1995)

Douglas G. Bennet

Schooners' sunset (part III), chapter 5 hulls and builders, chapter 6 anchors (1996)

Douglas G. Bennet

Schooners' sunset - part 3 - chapter7, deck fittings (1997)

Douglas G. Bennet

Schooners' sunset - part 4 - chapter 8 variations in rig, chapter 9 masts, spars and standing rigging (1998)

Douglas G. Bennet

Bude sailing vessels (1999)

John V. Bartlett

Schooners' sunset (part V): chapter 10 sails and running rigging (1999)

Douglas G. Bennet

La Surveillante and Captain Sir George Ralph Collier, KCB (2000)

David B. Clement

Schooners' sunset (part VII): chapter 11 - engines, chapter 12 - food, chapter 13 - schooner models their lines and design (2000)

Douglas G. Bennet

Clovelly entries in Bideford coastal port books (1565-1740) (2001)

David B. Clement

Schooner's sunset: part 8, chapter 14 - the vessel (part1) (2001)

Douglas G. Bennet

Schooners' sunset - part 9: chapter 14 - the vessel (part2), chapter 15 - conclusion (2002)

Douglas G. Bennet

The Plymouth merchant shipping registers (2003)

Gary Hicks

In breach of quarantine: the Falmouth packet Montagu, Dartmouth, Februrary 15th to March 2nd 1817 (2003)

Tony Pawlyn

Blockmakers, sailmakers, ropemakers, blacksmiths and brokers in the port of Fowey: 1780-1900 (2003)

Helen Doe

Appledore: occupational topography and the mariner community in 1841 (2004)

Michael Nix (Doctor)

The history of a ship in a dish: the lugger Brilliant, and Anglo-French sea-link between Polperro and Bayonne at the end of the 18th century (2005)

Jean Rouffett

Appledore mariners and the manning of north Devon vessels in 1841 (2005)

Michael Nix (Doctor)

Ships biscuits (2007)

Robert Ridding

Memories of Falmouth, Fowey, Brixham & Bude and some from south Wales (2007)

Robert T. Bush

Titanic - some connections with Devon (2007)

John G. Avery

Falmouth haven: the maritime history of a great West Country port (2007)

D. G. Wilson

West Country shipping news: a selection of newspaper notices circa 1770-1900 : draft, October 2005 (2005)

Martin Bodman

Trips of the Katie from August 1933 to March 1935 (1996)

Charles Robins

A square rig voyage round the west country in 1948 (1999)

Martin Lee

West country ships on the Port Adelaide register (2000)

Doug Lawrence

Plymouth's Plymouths (2000)

Bob Wilson

The Garlandstone (2000)

Greenhill, Basil

Romancing the Garlandstone (2004)

Doug Lawrence

Troopship to Canada: Henry Brunel's voyage n the Great Easter, 1861 (2004)

G. D. C. Tudor

The loss of the barque Jane Lowden (2006)

Gary Hicks

The long career of the 'rolling reggie' (1992)

Clive Carter

Poole shipping in the eighteenth century (1995)

G. J. Davies

Maritime history at the University of Exeter: a bibliography of writings since 1964 (2006)

Celia M. King

Bristol Channel shipping memories (2006)

Andrew Wiltshire

Windward: magazine of the Southern Branch of the Society for Nautical Research (1972-)

Maritime history of Falmouth: the port, its shipping and pilotage service ([2014])

D. G. Wilson

Looking back at Bristol Channel shipping (2010)

Andrew Wiltshire