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[Paddle steamer at Kingswear] ([1900?])

John Stabb

[Paddle steamer at Kingswear] ([1900?])

John Stabb

Duke of Devonshire, Exmouth (1928)

Steamers, Clovelly (1928)

[Paddle steamer 'Kingswear Castle' at Totnes] ([1900?])

John Stabb

Nr Sidmouth, S.Devon. 26/5/02 (1902)

Nr Sidmouth, S.Devon. 26/5/02 (1902)

[Victoria] (1921)

The paddle steamer Sir Francis Drake (1823-1865) (1996)

Judith Godfrey

PS Waverley: the first 60 years (2007)

Deayton, Allistair

No more Campbells are coming (1983)

Stuckey, David

[Paddle steamers] (c.1897)

Totnes to Dartmouth (c.1910)

Kingswear Castle (1924)

Kingswear ..

Paddle steamer : Princess Royal 1888. Enlarged from distant view 1920-21 (1920)

Paddle steamer : Prince Edward 1904. Enlarged from distant view 1920-1921 (1920)

Paddle steamer : Empress 1880. Enlarged from distant view 1920 (1920)

Paddle steamer : Alexandra 1888. Enlarged from distant view 1920-21 (1920)

Kenwith Castle (c.1925)

Paddle steamers in Devon (1968)

Eric A. George

Excursion steamers at Ilfracombe (c.1930)

E. D. Percival (Photographer)

[Paddle steamer 'Berry Castle' at Totnes] ([1900?])

John Stabb

Paddle steamers (1991)

John Woodhams

Cardiff Queen: the ultimate coastal paddle steamer (1989)

Nick James

Waverley: the story of the world's last sea going paddle steamer. (1986)

A decline of the paddle steamer (1971)

Richard H. Coton

Early Bristol paddle-steamer shipwrecks: with an introductory sketch of the beginning of paddle-steamer activity ... Bristol (1993)

George Harries

Kingswear Castle: Britain's last coal-fired paddle steamer (1987)

J. B. Millar

The story of the preservation and restoration of the river paddle steamer Kingswear Castle ([1985?)