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Conservation and the Torrey Canyon: a supplement to the journal of the Devon Trust for Nature Conservation (1967)

Torrey Canyon: memories and reflecions (2007)

Arthur Fairhurst

In the wake of the Torrey Canyon: reflections on a disaster (1972)

L. Oudet

The Torrey Canyon: report of the Committee of Scientific and Technological aspects of the Torrey Canyon disaster (1967)

The Torrey Canyon disaster and fisheries (1968)

The Torrey Canyon (1967)

The black tide: in the wake of the Torrey Canyon (1968)

Richard Petrow

The wreck of the Torrey Canyon (1967)

Crispin Gill

Oil & water: the Torrey Conyon disaster (1969)

Edward Cowan

A report on the ecological effects of oil and clean-up procedures following the Rosebay oil-spill (1991)

S. Howard

Report of the board of investigation in the matter of the stranding of the S.S. Torrey Canyon on March 18, 1967 (1967)

Torrey Canyon pollution and marine life: a report by the Plymouth laboratory of the Marine Biological Association .. (1968)