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An account of the motor vessel Eilian and her master - Jack Newcombe (2008)

Peter R. Newcombe

Cargo handling and stowage: British cargo liner practice in the 1950s, with some reference to ninteenth century practice (1984)

Alston Kennerley

Merchant shipbuilding in the North East and South West of England, 1870-1913 (1984)

Stephanie Jones

The Batten Castle: the account book of a small home-trade sailing vessel, 1852-66 (1980)

Richard Pearse

Trading vessels of Salcombe haven, 1820-1890 (1971)

P. D. Murch

Westcountry sail: merchant shipping 1840-1960 (1971)

Michael Bouquet

The merchant schooners (1988)

Greenhill, Basil