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The North-West Devon coast: a celebration of cliffs and seashore from the Hartland Peninsula to the Taw-Torridge Estuary (2013)

Peter Keene

The Exe market boat (2010)

David B. Clement

Coasters of South Devon (2007)

Bernard McCall

Braunton: home of the last sailing coasters (2007)

Robert D'Arcy Andrew

Fishing boats and barges from the Thames to Land's End (1922)

Walter Wood

Vanishing craft: British coastal types in the last days of sail (1934)

Frank G. G. Carr

The last of the sailing coasters: reminiscences and observations of the days in the Severn trows, coasting ketches and schooners (1982)

Edward Eglinton

The Westcountrymen: a register and record of the Westcountry trading ketches and Severn trows 1780-1986 (1986)

Gordon Mote