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The voice: Exeter College (1994)

Zero: the Exeter College Student's Union magazine (1994)

Devon student

Encouraging spiritual development (2000)

Devon's guidelines on counselling in schools and colleges and the employment of school counsellors ([1998])

The fiction project. Part two: approaches to group reading at key stage 3 (1997)

Jenny Lloyd

The fiction project. Part one: promoting wide reading at key stage three (1997)

Jenny Lloyd

Making supported self-study work: the Holyrood School experience (1987)

Robert Rainbow

Mark Luxton's school year book 1887: Haywards School Crediton (1989)

Maureen Earwicker

Mathematics exercise book dated 1838 (1838)

Peter Brush

Guidance on the care and control of pupils (1995)

The student money matters project: project report (1994)

Guy Bellamy

Students admitted to the Inner Temple, 1571-1625 ([1868?)

A Devon approach to assessment ([1993])

School transport in Devon (1975)

[ Letters from F.D.Thomson at Peterborough Training College to his father David Thomson, 1861-63] (1861-)

F. D. Thomson

[ Letters from F.D.Thomson at St. John's College, Cambridge to his father David Thomson, 1857-61] (1857-)

F. D. Thomson

Records 5-16: a handbook of guidance (1980)

Sex equality in education: curriculum in the primary school (1981)

Equal choices for girls in the secondary curriculum (1982)