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A prospectus of the special schools and the educational facilities in Devon: information for parents and carers (2009)

An information pack for parents and carers of children with special educational needs ([2002])

Yield not to misfortune (1971)

Robert Marshall

Including all: differentiated materials ... to support ([2000?)

Jane Beadman

Resources for special educational needs in mainstream schools: working together to develop quality inclusive provision ([2000])

Funding arrangements for pupils with special educational needs in mainstream schools ([2000])

Educationally subnormal children in Exeter (1952)

Adjustment teaching for educationally subnormal children in Exeter (1956)

Starting school with special needs ([1998])

Leading into music: making progress with pupils experiencing learning difficulties (1997)

Special education provision in Avon (1983)

A Devon approach to promoting integration for special needs pupils (1995)

A Devon approach to the effective use of school resources to meet special educational needs (1995)

A Devon approach to special educational needs in every school (1994)

A Devon approach to special education: I can do mathematics : recognizing achievement & emphasising success (1994)

A Devon approach to special education needs: sensory impairment (1994)

A Devon approach to special education: guidelines to the formal assessment procedures (1993)

Guidelines on specific learning difficulties (1993)

Meeting your needs: national curriculum history and geography in special schools (S.L.D. (1993)

Special education in Devon: a development strategy : consultation document, November 1991 (1991)