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John White, 1762-1818 (1991)

D. M. B. White

J.N.Singleton: first headmaster of the first factory school in the South West (1985)

Ruth Harris

Licensed schoolmasters (1984)

R. R. Sellman

Establishment for the education of young ladies, near Exeter ([1825?)

Mends (Miss)

Still life to landscape drawing (1937)

Allan Smith

Fabric printing (1953)

Allan Smith

Stencilling (1949)

Allan Smith

Linoleum cutting and printing (195-)

Allan Smith

Stick and potato-cut printing (195-)

Allan Smith

Pattern designing for craftworkers (1953)

Allan Smith

Object, plant, and memory drawing for schools (1948)

Allan Smith

A new introduction to the mathematicks, being essays on vulgar and decimal arithmetic. [cover inscribed by 1760 and by 1771 owners] (1758)

Donn, Benjamin