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Modbury apprenticeship indentures (1936)

Woodbury malt rate 1538-1631 and Woodbury apprentices 1637-1708 (c.1930)

My ancestor was an apprentice, how can I find out more about him? (2010)

Stuart A. Raymond

Calendar of the Bristol apprentice book 1532-1565: part 1, 1532-1542 (1949)

Parish apprentices in Rackenford 1728-1844 (2004)

Sarah Child

Apprenticeship indentures from Stockleigh English Parish Chest (1901)

J. Erskine-Risk

The Yealmpton pauper apprentices (1980)

E. G. Thomas

Parish apprentices in Widecombe -in-the-Moor in the 18th and 19th centuries (1983)

Iris M. Woods

Whereas from instances which have lately come before the ([1800?)

Bristol apprentice book. Volume 3: 1579-1586 ([1992])

Bristol apprentice book. Volume 2: 1573-1579 ([1992])

The salmon clause in the indentures of apprentices (1897)

T. N. Brushfield

Education and apprenticeship in sixteenth-century Bristol (1982)

Jean Vanes

Starting work in Bournemouth in the 1930s: apprenticed to a trade (1994)

Charles Archibald Miles

Bristol apprentice book. Volume 4: 1586-1593 ([1994])

Brixton apprenticeship records (1988)

Ann Chiswell

Apprenticeship indentures from Stockleigh English Parish Church (1901)

J. Erskine-Risk

Bristol apprentice book. Volume 1: 1566-1573 ([1992])

Bristol apprentice book. Part 3: 1552-65 (1992)

Apprentice rolls: Plymouth 1570-1656 (1925)