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Friendly rebel: a personal and social history of Eduard C. Lindeman (1991)

Elizabeth Lindeman Leonard

After grace - teeth: a comparative study of the residential experience of boys in approved schools (1979)

Spencer Millham

Learning to care: the training of staff for residential social work with young people (1980)

Spencer Millham

BTEC national diploma in social care: acceptability as an entry requirement, April-June 1993 ([1993])

Exeter: social work in an urban environment (1975)

Community work: conflict or consensus (1981)

R. A. B. Leaper

Role analysis in field social work: the development of a new model : M.S.Jeans ([1978?)

M. S. Jeans

Pilgrim to Plymouth: extracts from a social worker's notebooks (1967)

Ernest T. English